I am a university student. I discovered meditation through my aunt in Switzerland. Her meditation teacher, Sayan, was a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who taught me a few techniques. I practice daily mindful breathing. I read a lot of books by Thich Nhat Hanh, and other similar books. I find it difficult to improve on my own. I'm looking for guidance as to how to further my meditation. More

Why do you practice?
I believe in the interconnectedness of the universe. I believe every being on this earth is equal and has the same ultimate goal- happiness. I believe in love, compassion, and objectivity. I am looking for a clear view on life, unaltered by perception.
How do you practice?
I am not very good at meditating yet. I sit for 10 minutes in front of a little buddha in my dorm room and light incense. I practice mindful breathing and try to just be aware and observe my thoughts when they arise. I am trying to sit longer, with little success. When I am outdoors I can sit for 20 minutes. 

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