Great question! When I see the question, my mind goes blank. Writers block sets in and I want to write, I don't know?! It's always changing. Then I get curious if there is a "right answer" (knowing full well there isn't LOL) Today I would say I am an over thinking knowledge seeker who values connection. More

Why do you practice?
Well for starters…. masters, teachers and loved ones keep sharing I must.  I am feeling like I am ready to listen and  feel my soul craving it. I can constantly feel the pull towards my inner work. I also feel how for some reason part of me avoids it. Just like avoiding someone you owe money to (metaphor of course). 

Basically I am trying to live my fullest life, with my intended purpose and understand how I can truly serve others.  I feel meditation will help me achieve both of those things in whichever capacity they are in. 

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