Young man of Indian origin who wants to develop his mind to great levels of precision and power with the direction of ancient hindu/buddhist practices. Desire to ultimately view reality as it is. धराधरेन्द्रनंदिनीविलासबन्धुबन्धुर स्फुरद्दिगन्तसन्ततिप्रमोदमानमानसे | कृपाकटाक्षधोरणीनिरुद्धदुर्धरापदि क्वचिद्दिगम्बरे(क्वचिच्चिदम्बरे) मनो विनोदमेतु वस्तुनि ||३|| More

Why do you practice?
1) Improving mental faculties such that I am able learn new information quickly and ultimately utilize this ability to improve the world.
2) Treat others better with more compassion and less resentment
3) Find the purpose of existence and exploring higher states of consciousness.
4) Shiva, the destroyer
How do you practice?
Primarily focus on breath at upper lip and nose +/- while maintaining peripheral awareness.

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