I am a Reiki Master Teacher and I try to live a Reiki life. I try to only eat a whole food plant based diet, and I do mean try, but you know how that goes sometimes. I'm an outdoorsman, I garden veggies and love nature and all living things. More

Why do you practice?
I've only been meditating for a couple of weeks but it has been life changing. I am more centered, more calm and gentle, much happier and peaceful. I am more determined to make something of my life now. It started when I was training in Reiki. I went from a total skeptic to a full blown advocate. Meditation, The Universal Life Force, Chakras and vibrations, energy healing and crystals, It has all improved since I've been meditation.
How do you practice?
I try to meditate 2 or 3 times a day for short periods. Usually my morning meditation is 30 minutes then later in the day I try to meditate for focus or creativity, again for about 30 minutes. I meditate just before bed for 15 minutes to settle my brain. I am using music from Omharmonics and I find it really helps. I think it helps people new to meditation the most, before you get too set in a system.

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