A shy, sad, anxious and bitter temper born and raised by and around very kind people in one of the most strikingly beautiful, quiet and happy places on Earth. It turns out that a good birth, prosperity and material comfort mean little to nothing without inner peace. More

Why do you practice?
Short-term: the cessation of fear, regret and confusion.
Long-term: the cessation of all suffering.

Though it might be a long, long way ahead, it matters little that I am going at a crawl as long as it is in the right direction.
How do you practice?
Mindfulness of breath meditation of the Theravada tradition; mostly in the style of Bhante Gunaratana, but with a lot of input from the Thai Forest Ajahns and some other practices such as Metta meditation and Tonglen occasionally thrown in for good measure.

I have been trying to establish a daily practice since about 2014 and partially successful, though very inconsistently so.

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