38 years old, living on Long Island. I'm kind of a hippy. i love music and playing music (guitar, uke, drums). i am socially/politically lefter than left. I have practiced meditation, on and off, most of my adult life. this year was especially rough and i have been meditating and studying meditation on a daily basis. More

Why do you practice?
For almost a year i have been meditating, sometimes, 2 or 3 times a day. i started because i was going through something. I have decided that meditation should be practiced every day in my life.
How do you practice?
mostly Vipassana, although i have never attended a 10 day silent retreat. I meditate for 30-60 minutes, once a day.
after i do yoga i do a  short mindful meditation and almost every night i fall asleep after practicing Yoga Nidra. I also have done Zen meditations and i've listened to random youtube guided meditations for depression and anxiety.

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