Dedicating myself to try vipassana for the year. Two hours a day, morning and night, one hour sessions. I can see the dissolution of habits and benefits of clarity, awareness and compassion. Also, the insight into the nature of experience is a wondrous trip. More

Why do you practice?
Aware of this wondrous experience of life.
Have a lasting peace.
Share a lasting peace.
Share a solution to suffering.

Since I've started here, I'm seeing what I was grasping for. Happiness.
I can say there is beauty in the rain. I say there is beauty in suffering, too.
That experience, though, is something else. Who knows what is in what? I am just trying to observe this rushing river but is there even a 'trying'? There just is this rushing river, perhaps?
How do you practice?
Vipassana one hour first thing in the morning, but sometimes later on days off. One hour before bed. On difficult days I will do 45 minutes and occasionally 30 minutes. I have vowed to do this for a year after my Vipassana which was in late June.

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