I'm a beginner at meditating and have been practicing for @ 15 years. ~;} More

Why do you practice?
I practice for self revelation, learning about myself and my motivations, and gaining a glimpse of my thought quality. I practice to learn more about this vessel which I inhabit this time around. I practice to practice. One of my biggest struggles is sitting alone. I still find this challenging. I prefer to sit in groups and enjoy the quality of being in community. I recognize the potential for deeper meaning in this conundrum. I also have a sense of what it could be but does it really matter? This is a good question to sit with.
How do you practice?
I practice sitting - period. I know very little about formal techniques other than paying attention to or noticing my thoughts but letting them go and not getting hooked (shenpa). I will notice my breath. Zen is too difficult for me to practice - the stillness is too uncomfortable and physically painful at times, at least as it has been introduced to me. I'm always open to learning and cultivating a deeper practice and more broad understanding of techniques.

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