I am interested in Eckhart Tolle's books - "The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightment and "A New Earth: Awakening to Yours Life's Purpouse"- and Meditation, Science, Spirituality, Mindfullness, Integral Vision and Life Practice, Mysticism, Magic(k), Hermetic Kabbalah, Esoterism, Occultism, Energy Work, Yoga, Pranayama, Rosacrucianism, Rituals, Western Tradition, Transpersonal Psychology (e.g. Stanislav Grof's work and Psychosythesis), Integral Psychology and others approches of Psychology, incluiding Psychotherapies in general. And... reading and some physical exercises. And... a Member of some Iniciatic Orders: Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC) Traditional Martinist Order (TMO), Arcanum Arcanorum (A.'. A.'.) (Marcelo Del Debbio's branch) and Confraternity of the Rose Cross (CR+C). The meaning of my life is to expand the knowledge and integrate, practically and theorycally, the Psychology and Spirituality. And finally, I have been practicing a Integral Life Practice for some years. Note: I have another profile where I log my a meditation practice, "the 'Celestial Sanctum' (in a english label), an AMORC's rosacrucian open exercĂ­se , that I consider a meditation and have been practicing for more than seven years, almost daily.": http://opensit.com/u/F%C3%A1bioDutraLeite More

Why do you practice?
I practice to really live and be fully Awake! Accept myself, others, things and the world, as it is!
How do you practice?
The Power of Now book's methods, basically, remeber to turn and actually turning the attention to the Present Now.

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