I'm an actor, I co-own two record labels, I'm also a DJ and writer. I'm a very creative, headstrong, and productive person. More

Why do you practice?
I want to gain access to my own inner wisdom in order to organize my life and spiritual well-being. In the noise and clutter of constant activity, and particularly when my mood is chaotic, I find it hard to reach satisfying and sincere conclusions about things. I like to sit and regroup. Meditation helps me not only do that, but also to constantly better myself as a person. It makes me feel sharper, more able to work through complex situations one step at a time. I'm already a very ambitious individual, and it gives this trait of mine a new intensity, where the ''doing'' immediately follows along with the ''saying'', with renewed confidence and focus.
How do you practice?
I strive to follow the Quantum Mind Power program. However, I don't consider that as part of my meditation; it's regular brain entrainment to empower oneself to ''float'' through the day's tasks. I still find it relevant to mention it here.

My actual meditation is often 60 whole minutes of sitting with a Guided talk from the Insight Meditation Center (Gil Fronsdal or Andrea Fella), or with a nature soundscape, tibetan bowls, ASMR, and oftentimes powerful binaurals. I also recently tried Standing Meditation and from now on, I'd like to integrate it to my practice more regularly (30 minutes sitting/30 more standing).

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