I'm a very out going, fun person looking for inspiration and people like me. I have 2 amazing kids and do charity work. I am trying to be more dedicated to mediation and am still learning how to meditate through pain. (Any advice welcome) More

Why do you practice?
I started meditating desperately asking Buddha for help as my health was so bad I couldn't pick up my own son ad doctors had no clue what the problem was and how to help. Within 3months I could walk, hold my son and see hope for the first time. I still experience a lot of pain but Buddha's teachings has helped me deal with it so much! I am looking for a new meditation style to suit me and now I am a single mum with a lot of health problems my motivation and dedication is slipping, I was hoping fellow meditators could help with this? I'd love to hear from you about your style and experiences. Thank you for having me :)
How do you practice?
'Know that you are breathing' is such a simple statement and yet remembering this at the beginning and whenever my mind wanders is my basic.

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