I am 62, a mom and wife, sister, etc. Moved from NYC about 30 years ago, to Jerusalem for an adventure, and got one. Lawyer by training, advocate by practice in the US, and now a teacher with special schools, and teachers. Starting to teach mindfulness and 16 Guidelines. Spiritual seeker, endlessly curious, autodidact. More

Why do you practice?
After over a decade, because I get crazy if I don't sit every day.
To get centered and go inside.
To manage all the info and sensations coming in--from the world and me
for health
to be nicer to people
to spend more of my time being aware of what is really in front of me
How do you practice?
At this time, I usually do a body meditation practice--scan, sweep, etc. a la Reggie Ray
And one quiet sit.
Every day.

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