I am a 27 year old woman looking to reaffirm my relationship with the universe. I was very familiar with meditation through my family but after a traumatic loss 4 years ago, I lost my way and am now ready to move forward again with spiritual discovery. More

Why do you practice?
I feel an attachment to a higher self and expansive consciousness which, to me, feels like a necessity for the soul. Life has it's way of presenting tests, some more difficult than others and it brings me clarity and self assured-ness when things become too heavy or seem impassable. 
How do you practice?
I tend to like assisted meditations when I'm feeling a lack of creativity or truly feeling lost. I'll put on a video for a specific meditation (i.e. for soul cleansing, healing, etc) to help keep my mind focused and centered. Music is always a must for me and I love chimes, it really helps to take myself away from the physical.

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