I have no idea who i am. I had just written enough to pass an essay assignment. but as i re-read it. I realized i have no idea who i am. I think its why Ive began meditating. Every time i research meditation it says live in the moment. I realize Ive never had the mind set to do so. It seems its the time i start making some changes and trying to live in the moment. If you have any questions ask me. Id be happy to talk! More

Why do you practice?

I do it to figure out who i am as a person and to try to live more in the moment. I would like to learn the ways of the Dhamma and be more selfless.

Sat on 4 days this month, totalling 1 hours 53 minutes practice. (5 entries total)

Sat for 30 mins maybe a little more yesterday morning. Sat outside with the birds. Thinking about making a garden behind my house for some peace d ...

Sat for 10 minutes today. Trying to focus on mindfulness today. Focused on how every part of my body was feeling. As well as focusing on my breath ...

I conquered my thoughts this evening and i pushed them aside like clouds passing by. I listened to a thunderstorm and focused on my breathing. I a ...

I sat before going to bed this afternoon. for roughly 30-45 minutes. I tried to forget everything and focus on my breathing as the guided meditati ...

Today, I have had my first sit. Well technically second. I find it fascinating, the fact that I can release everything and focus on the moment. I ...