I'm a guy who started meditating about 10 years ago and really notice when my practice slips. The challenges of life haven't lessened since I started but I know their potential can run wild if I'm not grounded. Knowing this led me in to teaching mindfulness, primarily to work with people who've acquired a disability, which I did 30 years ago. When I had my accident I was fortunate enough to not get hooked up on negative thought patterns and rumination, and this mindset enabled me to lead a fulfilled and active life, despite using a wheelchair. Without realising it, I was being mindful but for the life of me I couldn't explain what I was doing different to friends I made in the spinal injury unit. I was frustrated by this and when I came across Buddhism i realised that it's all about mindful awareness, and I enrolled on the masters in mindfulness at Bangor university. Now I teach the 8 week MBSR course in Bristol and am working my way toward working in spinal units, but that seems to be taking quite a while. The NHS is not exactly free from its own issues at the moment! More

Why do you practice?
To keep me grounded and balanced.  
How do you practice?
Mostly the core MBSR practices but I also enjoy listening to other more traditional teachers, as long as the practices are more on the secular side of things, simply because I'm not into repeating or chanting words and phrases I don't understand.

average practice time is 30-45 mins most days, plus I'm constantly practicing informally as I go about my daily activities i.e. In the supermarket queue, walking my dog etc 

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