Lifelong spiritual quester. Attitude probably best summed up by the masonic idea of aiming 'to cooperate with the divine will in evolution', where god=everything and everything=god. Childhood spent pondering metaphysics, young adulthood spent exploring weird shit with my friends, and the last 10 years I've been a freemason (Craft PM, HRA, RAM, Mark). Dancer, gamer, geek. More

Why do you practice?
I'm new to meditation. All my life people have said, 'you really ought to meditate', but any time I tried it, I just got bored. Couldn't see the point. Then last year I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and suddenly had a lot of space and time and stillness. So I thought I'd give it a proper go. I googled meditation apps, and came across Headspace, which teaches you mindfulness meditation in tiny daily chunks. And that was all well and good, but I wanted something with more purpose, something designed to develop your relationship with source/the godiverse. My friend James recommended I try the Contemplation Academy Challenge. So here I am.

How do you practice?
Currently, daily: 20 mins mindfulness, 30 mins Contemplation Academy, and 10 mins a non-denominational version of centering prayer - just being still and inviting the presence of the divine.

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