I am an engineering major at UNC Charlotte. My experience with Reiki, spirituality, and my own journeys early on in life have led me here. More

Why do you practice?
Early in this life I was shown Reiki, and began to develop an awareness that there was something more. Until recently the consistency of my meditative practices was not good. I had many stresses which at the time I could not deal with in my life making it difficult to be truly aware. At this point mediation is such a natural feel and practice for me, many of the techniques I learned to enter that state are no longer needed. When I meditate it is almost like going for a walk, I will have heavy closed eye visuals the further I disconnect from self and my own ego. Often times I feel like I am connected to a universal knowledge bank at which point I lose the ability to seek specific knowledge, because I have disconnected from self. When I come back from this state its almost like the questions I had on the way in have been answered.
How do you practice?
When I journey the duration varies by how much I need to be shown. I will routinely practice mediation for small amounts of time every day to keep the connection strong, however every now and then I am called to the other side, or willingly go seeking clarity. I believe spiritually my purpose is similar to that of the shaman, life brings me broken people who may not even understand why or how they are broken. What I see in people that needs energy work isn't seen by me, it is shown to me. I do not dictate what is broken and what isn't in people, and never would. I heal with meditative intent based on truths, to reshape in my own image only postulate corruption. In the nut shell I use a variety of meditative practices to create my own reality and assist in healing without expectation but with faith.

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