Tag: vision work

I want to live somewhere where it doesn't snow, 
 close your eyes and listen 
 birds singing, scraping the snow with their talons,
 fluttering, wing spurts, pecking at the twigs, searching, 
 close your eyes and listen 
 sunlight breaking through the clouds, the slant of the ...
3 days ago
When I woke up this morning, I was aware that I
 had done a lot of dreaming, and that in that instance, all those dreams had
 flitted away from me like the flock scattering at dawn, going out to seek their
 fortune, it is a cold day, time, to leave food for the birds, but I am not su ...
4 days ago
I shot an arrow into the air but where it
 land, I do not know where, it went in THAT way [?] how strange...
 She lived on the corner of Shipley and Vine,
 the "cutest" little rooming house, but the landlord died and left her
 bereft, the woman was her best frie ...
15 days ago