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Sometimes I write things down in an effort to
 remember. I used to keep hold of EVERYTHING scrap of paper I wrote on -
 documents filed in folders on my computer. Then I would go back into
 these documents and drown in the words. IMPOSSIBLE. So I stopped doing
 that. However ...
about 1 year ago
Years ago, I learned a lesson on how to be one
 with Nature. This was a difficult, ongoing lesson, and at the time, I had
 no choice. My partner, at the time, and I decided to NOT have a
 car. Therefore, we went everywhere, via bicycle. Trust me, if you are
 doing a radio sho ...
about 1 year ago
I meditated on the image of Mt. Fuji
 today (in YouTube, they have those infernal Ads, to the right, that won't go
 away - conflicting images!)... There is serenity in contemplating the
 snow hat on top of that mountain, ice-cap, and snow indicating its age. 
 I like the idea of ...
about 1 year ago
The actual lyrics are "We are Siamese if
 you please, we are Siamese if you don't please..." The Siamese Cats
 sung it! It felt funny -- in an affectionate sort of way -- to remember
 the song, as I am thinking of all things Japanese. 
 No I am not trying to tout be ...
over 1 year ago
I'm still doing a lot of meditations/writings
 in one day. It is wearing me out. HOWEVER, I feel compelled to do
 so. There is a need to even out the energy of this Earth. A lot of
 people know this - I want to lend my "vibrations" to this cause.
 Besides, I'm reti ...
over 1 year ago
Seriously, I do a lot of meditating each day.
 However, I like including this seven minute SIT because - it is hard for
 me to sit and just LOOK at something. I choose the variable of seven
 because I like the number. Perhaps, eventually, I'll stretch my sitting
 period to 14 ...
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