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 What I'm doing here is automatic writing where
 I try to go into a trance AFTER the meditation, so this is seven times two,
 i.e., fourteen minutes. Open the door and walk out onto the street and
 why do I end up on this cobblestone street, the door is more ...
7 months ago
This is a suggestion I need to follow in life.
 Simplify. It is obvious in meditations for this site - I jumble up
 my meditations with all sorts of stimuli, all sorts of things to see to listen
 to write... 
 Well, I'll always write. Right now, I'm listening to
 music fro ...
7 months ago
If you feel threatened, what do you do, imagine
 the worse, or do you work on chants that that reinforce a positive attitude, in
 perfect love and perfect trust SO MOTE IT BE, protect me from my enemies,
 protecting me from evil, keep me safe, in perfect love and perfect trust SO&#13 ...
7 months ago
Guided Meditation - Tara Brach - "Relaxing Back into Wakeful Openness" - 22:05 Truly enjoyed this meditation. It begins with a body scan, and ultimately provides a lot of time to bring your attention wherever you may desire. I spent some time focusing on my heart and my breath. Most ...
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 Have you ever had a thought, and felt it
 plummet to the depths of the pond? My thoughts are visual, and lately,
 that has intensified (I've worked on that!). And during this meditation I
 felt myself go into a kitchen, a white kitchen, the stove was small, and I
9 months ago
A flower blossoming, petals unfolding is like a
 fist unclenching, opening the palm of your hand extending your fingertips
 upwards skyward, shall we dance, make romance, the music of the buds, the
 cha-cha of the birds in the branches, hopping along the twigs, the branch sways
8 months ago