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I continued with a new mantra – I rarely use a mantra. I was able to meditate quite peacefully. "Be totally present. Be totally mindful. Find completeness in presence. Find completeness in mindfulness."
over 3 years ago 3
First time I was able to sit for 12 minutes and not even think about how long its been. I was actually surprised when the timer went off! I did cheat a little- allowing myself to scratch an itch once or twice- but it didn't distract for more than a few moments and I was still able to remain in a ...
almost 4 years ago 5 2
Deep calm observing the sensations of the abdomen rising and falling. Framing all the experience, no past no future, no personal history or personality traits, just these sensations arising and vanishing in this moment + openness to whatever may appear next moment.
over 3 years ago 1
I sat before going to bed this afternoon. for roughly 30-45 minutes. I tried to forget everything and focus on my breathing as the guided meditation had told me. But i kept having the same indecent come into my head. Its these little regrets that i have had through out my life. Little things i c ...
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