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ever feel restless as you meditate, how do you
 know when you've been meditating too much, does the psyche get wound and then
 BOING, the spring is sprung and you unravel the other way, oh I doubt that, but
 I'm doing ALL sorts of things spiritual, no boast trust me, I'm just wonderi ...
10 months ago
I decided to try contemplating the image paired with the music meditations, on YouTube. These were nature images. Along with the drum beat, and these incredibly moving pictures of various waterfalls, fields of flowers, and massive TREES, well, this was pleasant. I am a bit too full from wha ...
about 1 year ago
I just listened to a Binaural Beat Meditation for seven minutes and gazed at a Mandala that I got from a Facebook Page - Ho'oponopono For Everyone. The Binaural Beat was from one of the Spiritual Zen Subliminal Brainwave Entrainment - Sounds rather silly doesn't it? Some of the titles of the ...
about 1 year ago 1
I am having a fundamental problem with sitting
 at this computer and meditating - when I sit too long in this chair, with my
 bending... my left upper thigh goes numb. I'm not kidding about the PAIN. 
 However, I know this is something I need to work through.
 I like contemplat ...
about 1 year ago 1