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Guided Meditation - Lisa Erikson - "Healing and Empowering Your Root Chakra" - 15:22 min Wonderful meditation. I feel very grounded, and connected to the outdoors, despite the fact that I've been inside studying for the past couple of months, and not as able to get outside as much as ...
about 4 years ago 1
A walk today showed me how much of life it is possible to miss. Went out walking with 2 other fools in the only wet and wild part of the country today. Not being masochistic but needing to test out a route before taking a larger group next week. Exposed dales, boggy marshes, gusts of wind threat ...
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Guided Meditation - Meditation Oasis - Nature Attunement Meditation - 17:42 min I'm back! I've been away for quite awhile. At least, so it certainly seems. I finally finished the big test, and then have been on vacation / traveling since. It feels wonderful to be back in the swing of things, ...
about 4 years ago
Sean (my boyfriend) and I went hiking at Carters Lake, he took me to Ridgeway Trail Falls and there were some nice meditation worthy rocks, so I sat there. Rushing water all around. Wish we could post pictures here. I can post my Tumblr link so you can see the pictures and videos I took there. ...
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I sat in my office with light off except for my light that resembles a lantern. I used soft meditation music. I had a strong visual of a yellow curious bird, a memory of smell...dried grass with cottonwood above a river... summer. A narrow dirt path through a field. Very narrow, well-used path.
over 3 years ago 2
Found a calm bench near a creek while on a bike ride. Felt like the right time to get in my sit for the day. Found less structure in this practice, but sense my stamina building.
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I used the Mandela today, and the music with the
 drum beat, heart beat, I practiced holding in my muscles, crossing my legs (I
 HAVE TO.) while I'm sitting on my chair - and I put my arms back at times - and
 doing all this I found myself dancing in my chair, I looked at two top yel ...
about 1 year ago
I know that when I start stroking my crystal
 ball, and/or my medicine bag AS I'm contemplating the Mandela AND listening to
 the meditation music at You Tube, yes, let's go back to the STROKING motion,
 like petting a cat, dancing with the universe the flow of source spiraling into& ...
about 1 year ago
I had trouble focusing for this sit. I did
 a LOT of writing today, and meditating.
 I went for a walk in the woods. I also wrote in my blog,
 TRACKINGTHOREAU as to why I write about what I see in Nature. I summed it
 up with "It's like breathing..." 
 And that' ...
about 1 year ago
I think I am going to jot down here, one of the
 aspects of my walk today - I take a walk in Nature. I listen to music, or
 a story, or a comedian (on a CD player) as I walk. I use that distraction
 to keep me from focusing on my bodily functions too much - that way disaster
 l ...
about 1 year ago
Metatron is an angel of life, in certain
 spiritual belief systems, and I believe Metatron's Cube is what this Angel
 breaths life into, i.e. sacred geometry is oftentimes a MAP of our electricity
 our "corpuscles", oh what is the word I want, our heartbeat, our
 core, ...
about 1 year ago
I meditated on the image of Mt. Fuji
 today (in YouTube, they have those infernal Ads, to the right, that won't go
 away - conflicting images!)... There is serenity in contemplating the
 snow hat on top of that mountain, ice-cap, and snow indicating its age. 
 I like the idea of ...
about 1 year ago
We need our symbols, our goals, our lucky
 pennies, the cross, the circle, geometric figures, trees that reach up towards
 the sky, the leaves which fall to the ground, rain which washes away our sins,
 the song of a bird which makes our spirit lift; humans thrive on this
 insti ...
about 1 year ago
Barreling down the path, leaves flying, her
 steps was emphatic, and that made those dried missives scatter but they were
 still in vogue in color, the trees were parallel certain spots where you could
 step between these twin trees, souls joined and look down at the water drying&#13 ...
12 months ago
That's the name of the exercises I've been
 trying to do as I meditate. I didn't know the name until today. I
 looked it up on the Internet and got the exact steps one must take to do them. 
 It's so embarrassing, but the way I figure it - what better
 time to BECOME BETTER -- ...
12 months ago
Be Here NOW, in the MOMENT, I realized that,
 AGAIN, today, as I was walking in the woods, and the fact that I was so
 involved with my inner me, that I wasn't looking OUTSIDE ME -- so I
 deliberately looked at the yellow leaves. I looked for red leaves on the
 ground. And I no ...
12 months ago
Crouched on the stone next to the stream, the
 young lad, held onto the railing of the broken down fence, dark wood, just
 behind him, to the left, he reached out to the water, trying to catch the
 ripple, and then looked up toward the woods, the sky above the tree tops was
 gray ...
12 months ago
When a Billy Goat looks at you what is it
 thinking, ruminating on its cud, how far you are from it, and whether or not it
 can race you to the safety of the gate, i.e., drop kick BUTT, nah, I saw five Billy
 Goats today, three with red heads, and shoulders, bodies white, one all wit ...
11 months ago
When I walk to my alcove, an area of land that
 NO ONE FREQUENTS, because it is off the bridge, next to the turnpike (the gas
 line is buried there, I "think"), I pass by a house that borders this
 ragged area of torn trees, a man made pond, and shrubbery. This house
10 months ago
In the bush I saw sparrows, wrens, finch, and
 chickadee (I lose count of how many of each denomination!) I KNOW I saw
 the wren and sparrow. What struck me was the SEEING them perched at the
 edge of the old Mockingbird nest -- one or two may have walked across the
 nest! I l ...
10 months ago