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I think I have to write this down, that I want
 to sit and contemplate this Mandela for seven minutes each day, because I
 almost forgot to do this today. The heat, et al, is getting to me, and so
 many well-meaning intentions, get lost in the stream of thought universal
 stream ...
about 1 year ago 1
As is meditation, I think, but then again I
 think I am ALWAYS in a meditative state. I have to shake my metaphorical
 head to realize when or when not I am walking around, half asleep! HA!
 Half-kidding, half-not. I used the long cord head phones when I sat
 this time, and p ...
about 1 year ago
This Mandela I am contemplating unfolds like a
 flower, the nucleus being the base of the petals. I was looking at those
 petals and for the first time I saw sunlight emanating from behind the petals.
 This was new. I liked it. The rings around this sun became
 dancing, me do ...
12 months ago
There was a creative thinker, in the past - Tesla - who believed that through understanding the principle of ENERGY - FREQUENCY - VIBRATION we can change the world. I believe this to be true. It is a sound hypothesis. Another way you could say it, is a cliche, but it somewhat fits "MIND OV ...
12 months ago
I think the Whirling Dervishes have to do with
 the Sufi spiritual path. Has to do with NOTHING regarding my meditation
 today, except that I saw a program this morning about the Sufi path, and saw
 the Whirling Dervishes in action. I like dance and movement as a
 technique to ...
12 months ago
Seriously, I do a lot of meditating each day.
 However, I like including this seven minute SIT because - it is hard for
 me to sit and just LOOK at something. I choose the variable of seven
 because I like the number. Perhaps, eventually, I'll stretch my sitting
 period to 14 ...
12 months ago 1
With my using my opensit time to tone
 my muscles and tame my patience (and listening to some NIFTY meditative music
 on YOU TUBE), I realized that I sit in front of my computer, leaning against my
 left hip/thigh. That's the part of me that has physical limitations.
 I've been ...
12 months ago
I went out for a walk today with my sister and
 brother - I walked myself into a lather - sweat, sweat, sweat, blinded by the
 light. My ability to meditate today, is a bit off, because I am blinded
 by all the stimuli of SOCIETY... but I saw birds flying on the water,
 Birds p ...
12 months ago
If you walk in Nature, as I do, you learn
 quickly, that LOOKING at things in the environment reflects your life... if you
 have something bugging you and you can't find an answer, take a walk and LOOK
 at things. You will find your answer. Nature reflects us. The
 Microcosm r ...
12 months ago
I think it was the music I was listening to -
 528 Hz |
 Miracle Tone | Repairs DNA
 There are theories that certain vibrational tones
 will HELP us, if we're open to the sound... Energy, Frequency, Vibration.
 If you raise the energy, you change the frequency, ...
12 months ago
Do you ever have dreams of going up a stairs?
 Well, I don't, but whenever I try for a meditation, or visualization, the
 stairs show up... I did a "finding your angel guide" group
 meditation, where a staircase was involved. When I see stairs, I usually
 see old stai ...
12 months ago
I'm listening to this music - Miracle Tones: 639 HZ- 741 HZ & 963 HZ Boost Your Energy Vibrations/Subconscious Healing (POWERFUL) - Well that's their claim, <giggle>, but I quite like this music. Usually what I do is select the meditation music on YouTube
 then go to the Mandela ...
12 months ago
I used the Mandela today, and the music with the
 drum beat, heart beat, I practiced holding in my muscles, crossing my legs (I
 HAVE TO.) while I'm sitting on my chair - and I put my arms back at times - and
 doing all this I found myself dancing in my chair, I looked at two top yel ...
12 months ago
I had trouble focusing for this sit. I did
 a LOT of writing today, and meditating.
 I went for a walk in the woods. I also wrote in my blog,
 TRACKINGTHOREAU as to why I write about what I see in Nature. I summed it
 up with "It's like breathing..." 
 And that' ...
12 months ago
Meditation, for me, is like the currents in the
 ocean, in, out, low tide, high tide, what goes up, must come down, if my energy
 is HIGH each day I will burn up, and yeah, I'm reminding myself of that, persistence
 is the key, so to not be disappointment if one day, eh, no deep flow ...
12 months ago
I decided to try contemplating the image paired with the music meditations, on YouTube. These were nature images. Along with the drum beat, and these incredibly moving pictures of various waterfalls, fields of flowers, and massive TREES, well, this was pleasant. I am a bit too full from wha ...
12 months ago
I had an interesting meditation. I
 decided to focus on the scene that was being shown with the meditative music.
 It was a series of "moving" pictures, nature scenes - oh they
 were so pretty. When my seven minutes ended, I wanted to keep on looking,
 contemplating, ...
11 months ago
I drop the LOOKING at something while I am
 listening to the meditative music. I may go back to that. One thing
 nice about meditation, on your own, is - my game, my rules. 
 Mostly, this morning, I was meditating and listening to this
 music, while trying to SEE with my mind ...
11 months ago
I feel like a bundle of sticks, and someone is trying to set those sticks ON FIRE, i.e. a bundle of jumbled nerves.... Sometimes I feel too much of what other people are feeling, and that doesn't do me a bit of good. 
 So doing this meditation was important, and I did use my wonderful CALMI ...
11 months ago
I want to describe the
 music I'm listening to - this is part of a "sharpening your psychic
 hearing" exercise - listen to music and try to identify the nuances --
 there is a bell, I hear that round sound, well, I can see the golden bell as I
 say that, there's a sound ...
11 months ago
I meditated on the image of Mt. Fuji
 today (in YouTube, they have those infernal Ads, to the right, that won't go
 away - conflicting images!)... There is serenity in contemplating the
 snow hat on top of that mountain, ice-cap, and snow indicating its age. 
 I like the idea of ...
11 months ago
If you open a book, what do you hope to find? 
 Sleepy-time tea? 
 Words to live by? 
 Akashic Records, the library of the mind. 
 There are so MANY different rationalizations for what they
 actually are... 
 I really don ...
11 months ago
Standing in the library, the lights are muted,
 except for the desk lights at each chair, station, up in the aisles, on the
 second floor you can only get to these racks stacks through the spiral
 staircases, metallic staircases, this is almost like a factory, all made of
 metal ...
10 months ago
I'm listening to this music/meditation sound on YouTube right now. I wouldn't call it music. Sounds like a heart beat. Now I want to try the letting go, while listening to this and see what my fingers say... 
 Enveloped by the tree the wrinkles in the bark
 are like rivers dar ...
10 months ago
That's the name of the exercises I've been
 trying to do as I meditate. I didn't know the name until today. I
 looked it up on the Internet and got the exact steps one must take to do them. 
 It's so embarrassing, but the way I figure it - what better
 time to BECOME BETTER -- ...
10 months ago
Can I stand on
 a grassy shore, the edge of an island and look out towards the sea to see the
 mountains beyond that water, and watch the ripple of the sunlight in the water,
 always look towards water to calm down, focus, she wore a long white gown which
 billow in the wind the ...
10 months ago 1
(I took longer today - I listen to the music,
 and put my meditation "photos" on slideshow - and as I'm
 contemplating the pictures, listening to the music, I'm doing my Kegel
 exercises. And I was having a good time - so I took longer....) 
 Following the shee ...
10 months ago
Be Here NOW, in the MOMENT, I realized that,
 AGAIN, today, as I was walking in the woods, and the fact that I was so
 involved with my inner me, that I wasn't looking OUTSIDE ME -- so I
 deliberately looked at the yellow leaves. I looked for red leaves on the
 ground. And I no ...
10 months ago
I found the carcass of the house, the crumbling stone walls, was the roof made of sod, is that the reason why there is nothing "up there", I took the neighbor's mule with me, no wait, donkey, they let me stay with them as long as I helped them with the livestock fair enough, I rode on ...
10 months ago
ever look at a red leaf through a crystal ball,
 it's like a magnifying glass, I reckon, except it's a crystal ball, so one can
 be impish, go, OHHHH, magic, and such whatnot, I like the lines in a leaf, it
 is like the palm of a hand, it's like the tree itself, ever notice that maps ...
9 months ago
ever walk along a stone wall, no neither have I
 but let's pretend, move up out of the woodworks, she spreads her arms, the long
 loose sleeves fall from her flesh like gossamer, finery wings, the path is
 firm, pebbles, packed, moving through the grass towards the shore, there is an ...
9 months ago
Recently, I wrote a piece using automatic writing/stream of consciousness, i.e., MEDITATION. I'm part of a writing group, and we had an assignment to write a prose piece which included 36 words, pulled from a hat. I did this piece in ONE SITTING - definitely STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I like th ...
9 months ago
Sunlight came through the windows, I like those
 halls where the walls are more glass then solid fabric, wood, metal stone, the
 sunlight illuminated the hall the gold tinged framework, little church steeples
 each part of this hall, arches, the monk walked down this hall, glancing&# ...
9 months ago
When a Billy Goat looks at you what is it
 thinking, ruminating on its cud, how far you are from it, and whether or not it
 can race you to the safety of the gate, i.e., drop kick BUTT, nah, I saw five Billy
 Goats today, three with red heads, and shoulders, bodies white, one all wit ...
9 months ago
Have you ever looked in the water, looked into
 a stream, breaking the surface, if the water is clear enough, you might see
 your reflection in that water, do we, not really but suppose the circumstances
 are right and you can look into that water and see YOU, the shimmering water&#1 ...
9 months ago
The birds soar up from me, small birds full of
 gold light, their wings fluttering, lift up release, how do I create something
 new, the belief that if you create it on the astral plane, you are giving this
 entity LIFE, it you keep investing this energy into this "being" y ...
9 months ago
If you take a step, if you go down the stairs,
 or up the stairs, if you travel through the woods, and trod upon the stones in
 the path, will you bleed, will you be more aware of the moment? 
 Walk, the light glimmers through the leaves, through the roof
 of this cathedral, stai ...
9 months ago
The cat thrust its
 face into mine, "are you okay," it asked, oh the words were not human
 speech, but the intent was unmistakable,
 Cats know, and if you
 are simpatico, they will respond...
 Do I walk down the road, look up at the sky? 
 Toda ...
9 months ago
I seem to have a story, going, the
 line starts here -- this man, a gentle man, quiet, authoritative, let's this
 woman out of the jail, who was holding onto this object, a piece of art/crafts
 work from falling - a Japanese house and attachment, pagoda, and cart (wooden
 wagon, ...
8 months ago
when you stare into the water, the surface
 sometimes, most often ripples, you see yourself in the clear water, but the
 image distorts, wavers, takes on different shades, and nuances, the light of
 the sun comes through like a fractured song, rays bent, the light sparkles, the
8 months ago
Why does a mountainside look like the Earth's
 visually sighing, sighs that are like the incoming and outgoing tide the laps
 up and down, and then everyone FREEZE FRAME, that's a mountainside, and at the
 top of one of those mountains, looking down into this valley, where the river& ...
8 months ago
When I woke up this morning, I was aware that I
 had done a lot of dreaming, and that in that instance, all those dreams had
 flitted away from me like the flock scattering at dawn, going out to seek their
 fortune, it is a cold day, time, to leave food for the birds, but I am not su ...
8 months ago
The path disappeared between the rocks,
 boulders with a bit of moss on them, to the right a tall old stone building,
 more like a fortress than a house, at least that's what it looks like from a
 sunlight is shy in winter, I think, there's frost on the
 window, du ...
8 months ago
I heard a harsh squawk, from the bush outside
 my window, a declaration, I moved quietly to the window to look out. The
 Blue Jay was perched at the top of the bush, tiptoes, tiptop, twigs, the acme,
 his beak raised up in the air, a BIG honking piece of popcorn ready to be
 swa ...
8 months ago