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I came home from work and sat down for 20mins of anapanasati. I found it difficult to concentrate on the breath. It took the first 7 or 8 mins to settle down and then I was able to maintain awareness of the breath going in and out of my nostrils. I smiled slightly to increase the odds of piti ar ...
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Sat down, took several deep breaths and immediately felt physically relaxed. My mind, however, was all over the place. I spent much of the first ten minutes lost in thought. I would spin off into a dream state, bring the attention back to the breath and then spin off again. And so it went for th ...
over 3 years ago
Mind was in a dull but relaxed state from lack of sleep. Paid attention to the breath, thoughts arose, the mind wandered and I brought it back. Nothing of note occurred.
over 3 years ago
Just read a little bit about Right Thinking before bed. It comes easy in meditation, bringing my mind and body together and just focusing on my breath, how beautiful that I am alive, and how precious this peaceful moment is. However, in everyday life it is easier said than done. I am always th ...
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I do meditation not too often, but sometimes. After meditating I feel relaxed and my forehead area get relaxed. It is the feeling which is beyond words. Sometimes I even see things or place in meditation. Tel me what're your experiences?
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Wow. Hatha yoga is the asana aspect of yoga. It's the "yoga" most Westerners are familiar with. The integration and true yoga comes from the Raja yoga. That is, the yoga of the mind. The meditation. Integrate the two together and you have a moving meditation that heals your entire mind ...
almost 3 years ago 1
I took the time using the equanimity gained through my moving meditation to say hello to my friends here on Opensit. It was a wondrous meditation tonight. Turns out that I must be doing something right as I was invited to a photo shoot this Saturday. A photo shoot that is open only to their long ...
almost 3 years ago 2 1
Happiness. Gratitude. Simple. :) I am grateful I slept well in my car last night. I am grateful for the opportunity to be helped by such a kind man last night. I am grateful for another night with grandma. I am grateful to see the snow melting away. I am grateful to get to see my kitties today ...
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Sean (my boyfriend) and I went hiking at Carters Lake, he took me to Ridgeway Trail Falls and there were some nice meditation worthy rocks, so I sat there. Rushing water all around. Wish we could post pictures here. I can post my Tumblr link so you can see the pictures and videos I took there. ...
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"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." -Benjamin Franklin, Wanderer It's odd. I am getting excited to be at the end of my "time" with Bikram but as I get excited, I am also sad because the students of it, at least the ones who approach me, a ...
almost 3 years ago 3
Wow ... just realized that my keeping track of my yoga sessions was off by ten. Hahaha. That means I am only eight days away from completing my 60-Day Bikram Challenge. It's amazing how many positive changes have sprung about through my entire mind/body/spirit complex. I almost wish I had a befo ...
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It's snowing ... oh, Michigan. If there's one thing you've taught me and taught me well that is to never be surprised and surprised I am not. After yoga I wanted to take a nap. SOOOO ... I crawled up into a ball in my car, covered myself head to toe with a blanket, and then napped away in the p ...
almost 3 years ago 2
Hit another back-to-back Bikram. I have a friend, who is overweight, whether or not that is important I do not know, who has been tagging along every day with me this week. Well, more like I am tagging along with him as I let him decide when we are going ... anyway ... He seems to know everyone ...
almost 3 years ago
I think I have to write this down, that I want
 to sit and contemplate this Mandela for seven minutes each day, because I
 almost forgot to do this today. The heat, et al, is getting to me, and so
 many well-meaning intentions, get lost in the stream of thought universal
 stream ...
6 months ago 1
Learning that being non judgemental and kind is making practise a lot easier to deal with and accepting the whole self. Something new, being aware that the judgement is there was very good. Looking forward and enthusiastic about practise, difficult and challenging and beautiful all at once. ...
over 2 years ago 3
I did a group meditation earlier today, online,
 for an hour. However, I still wanted to do this Mandela Meditation,
 contemplating my Mandela while listening to an Akashic Records Meditation Music
 (from You Tube). I feel that this Meditation is good for me.
 However, the ima ...
5 months ago

 Wow this was a strange sit. I'm using You
 Tube Meditation Music. This time I used DMT Spiritual Activation...
 Spiritual Zen Network, blah, blah. I listened to the music and stared
 into the eye of the Mandela. I really have learned to LOVE this Mandela.
 With ...
6 months ago 1
I haven't been able to just sit down and meditate in a while. My days have just been too busy. The past couple of days have been rough, and I think I need to call my therapist again. I've been trying to work on fixing things myself, using journals and meditations, but it's not working. After gra ...
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Grateful to find this online community of meditators. Thank you for your practice. Thank you for the opportunity to continue my practice with you. Blessings!
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First day of meditation in a while. Trying for 10 minutes in the morning, before anything else. I used a guided meditation app (Simply Being). I am looking for more references and resources to learn more about the various practices, as this is something I would like to get more into. I did not ...
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Buddha has become enlightened to how practitioners when asked about meditation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWZLxBMxBbU
about 1 year ago 1
I sit today and I am feeling more peaceful The mind that is full of thoughts is difficult to quiet meditation of itself is not important It is the practise that is important that I continue despite mental intrusion not to fight just to continue not to measure success but just to practise.
11 months ago 3
i learned today that meditation is beneficial even when the body lets you down. I was sick all night and didn't get much sleep. After my morning sit And despite uncomfortable pain, I felt much more alive and ready for the challenges of the day.
11 months ago 1
the cool morning air is wonderful in my skin as I sit in the back verandah. The birds are crazy loud this morning and so many different species. Kookaburras magpies pigeons noisy minors. They are making lots of songs. Perhaps the birds should be my focus instead of my breathing. I guess we are ...
11 months ago 1 2
This morning I had my first sit. I set a timer for just five minutes, as I was sure that after 5 minutes, my mind would drift off. I made a conscious effort to focus on my breathing, and how my body was feeling in the moment. Thoughts about other things naturally entered my mind, but I made an e ...
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I went to a 45 minute Mantra Mediation class, and it was an experience unlike any before. It was the longest period of time I have ever sat for. The class took place in a dome-shaped room, complete with calm, color changing lights and soft relaxing music. The class included focus on breath, focu ...
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10 months ago 2
This morning I used the app Headspace to guide my sit. As I am new to meditation, I am willing to try out apps and guided meditation until I feel "ready" to practice self guided meditation. I am also going to try to meditate at different times of the day, to see how this may effect the ...
10 months ago 3 1
This morning I sat for 10 minutes, before reaching for my phone. I felt that I had better focus during this sit. When I finished, I felt that I was hypersensitive to the light in the room and I really appreciated the peace and quiet. I like starting my days by setting intentions, especially when ...
10 months ago 4
I listened to the following meditation on You
 Tube - ☯Access the Akashic
 Records Meditation FAST! Meditation ... It's one of the videos that
 Spiritual Zen... puts out... 
 Okay, this is DEFINITELY the RIGHT MUSIC for this meditation.
 When I think Akashic Records I thin ...
5 months ago 1
I just sent a story to my cousin about some old
 baseball game[s] memories, hence the title. The mood of the fans, ah
 could meditation cultivate that frenzy, frenetic HIGH. I almost forgot to
 sit today. I've been ill. Even when I remembered, I was hesitant.
 I mean ILL, he ...
5 months ago
I wonder what it means when the
 "visions" involve insects. Very strange images, I saw a prayer
 mantis tearing off the head of another mantis for one. I saw people
 interacting, in other ways as well, but it all came across as insects. I
 kept falling asleep. The f ...
5 months ago
As is meditation, I think, but then again I
 think I am ALWAYS in a meditative state. I have to shake my metaphorical
 head to realize when or when not I am walking around, half asleep! HA!
 Half-kidding, half-not. I used the long cord head phones when I sat
 this time, and p ...
5 months ago

 Have you ever had a thought, and felt it
 plummet to the depths of the pond? My thoughts are visual, and lately,
 that has intensified (I've worked on that!). And during this meditation I
 felt myself go into a kitchen, a white kitchen, the stove was small, and I
5 months ago
A record is a recording. My thoughts are my records. There is a supposition that thoughts are electrical currents, that we are stitched together by pure Electrical impulse, the vibration low enough
 that we are flesh and bone, supposition being that the wall in front of us, in
 that ro ...
5 months ago
This Mandela I am contemplating unfolds like a
 flower, the nucleus being the base of the petals. I was looking at those
 petals and for the first time I saw sunlight emanating from behind the petals.
 This was new. I liked it. The rings around this sun became
 dancing, me do ...
5 months ago
Spiraling, the sweat is on my face, is that
 really GOOD for me, I don't know I feel like I'm taking a bath in ME, the
 mosaic design in the sidewalk, the colored chalk depictions, life as we know
 it, we HAVE to RESIST sunlight fill me, walking on a tightrope, on the path
 betwe ...
5 months ago
The Mandela pulsated, the middle part, the
 nucleus, slightly; I saw sunlight in the petals. Before that I saw a
 jackrabbit dashing across the desert, the ground where there are ridges of
 grass, some torn timber, cactus, plural, rocks which the hare dashed to for
 cover, hide ...
5 months ago
With my using my opensit time to tone
 my muscles and tame my patience (and listening to some NIFTY meditative music
 on YOU TUBE), I realized that I sit in front of my computer, leaning against my
 left hip/thigh. That's the part of me that has physical limitations.
 I've been ...
5 months ago
I went out for a walk today with my sister and
 brother - I walked myself into a lather - sweat, sweat, sweat, blinded by the
 light. My ability to meditate today, is a bit off, because I am blinded
 by all the stimuli of SOCIETY... but I saw birds flying on the water,
 Birds p ...
5 months ago
If you walk in Nature, as I do, you learn
 quickly, that LOOKING at things in the environment reflects your life... if you
 have something bugging you and you can't find an answer, take a walk and LOOK
 at things. You will find your answer. Nature reflects us. The
 Microcosm r ...
5 months ago
I think it was the music I was listening to -
 528 Hz |
 Miracle Tone | Repairs DNA
 There are theories that certain vibrational tones
 will HELP us, if we're open to the sound... Energy, Frequency, Vibration.
 If you raise the energy, you change the frequency, ...
5 months ago
Do you ever have dreams of going up a stairs?
 Well, I don't, but whenever I try for a meditation, or visualization, the
 stairs show up... I did a "finding your angel guide" group
 meditation, where a staircase was involved. When I see stairs, I usually
 see old stai ...
5 months ago
I'm listening to this music - Miracle Tones: 639 HZ- 741 HZ & 963 HZ Boost Your Energy Vibrations/Subconscious Healing (POWERFUL) - Well that's their claim, <giggle>, but I quite like this music. Usually what I do is select the meditation music on YouTube
 then go to the Mandela ...
5 months ago
I used the Mandela today, and the music with the
 drum beat, heart beat, I practiced holding in my muscles, crossing my legs (I
 HAVE TO.) while I'm sitting on my chair - and I put my arms back at times - and
 doing all this I found myself dancing in my chair, I looked at two top yel ...
5 months ago
I know that when I start stroking my crystal
 ball, and/or my medicine bag AS I'm contemplating the Mandela AND listening to
 the meditation music at You Tube, yes, let's go back to the STROKING motion,
 like petting a cat, dancing with the universe the flow of source spiraling into& ...
5 months ago
I had trouble focusing for this sit. I did
 a LOT of writing today, and meditating.
 I went for a walk in the woods. I also wrote in my blog,
 TRACKINGTHOREAU as to why I write about what I see in Nature. I summed it
 up with "It's like breathing..." 
 And that' ...
5 months ago
Meditation, for me, is like the currents in the
 ocean, in, out, low tide, high tide, what goes up, must come down, if my energy
 is HIGH each day I will burn up, and yeah, I'm reminding myself of that, persistence
 is the key, so to not be disappointment if one day, eh, no deep flow ...
5 months ago
I decided to try contemplating the image paired with the music meditations, on YouTube. These were nature images. Along with the drum beat, and these incredibly moving pictures of various waterfalls, fields of flowers, and massive TREES, well, this was pleasant. I am a bit too full from wha ...
5 months ago
I definitely do better with music that has a
 drumbeat. I guess for me to drift, I need to feel myself sway...
 I'm listening to music that has the OM
 and a drum. THAT I like. I'm feeling a loyalty to my Mandela (which
 I got from a Facebook Page on a Hawaiian Philosophy, Ho ...
5 months ago
I'm still doing a lot of meditations/writings
 in one day. It is wearing me out. HOWEVER, I feel compelled to do
 so. There is a need to even out the energy of this Earth. A lot of
 people know this - I want to lend my "vibrations" to this cause.
 Besides, I'm reti ...
4 months ago
I had an interesting meditation. I
 decided to focus on the scene that was being shown with the meditative music.
 It was a series of "moving" pictures, nature scenes - oh they
 were so pretty. When my seven minutes ended, I wanted to keep on looking,
 contemplating, ...
4 months ago
I used a "Flower of Life" geometric
 shape - I think the one I got is the seed blossoming, the petals unfolding,
 it's not the FULL Flower of Life. I just can't remember the term - it
 several circles within a circle and the edges of these circles interlope - to
 creat ...
4 months ago
I think I am going to jot down here, one of the
 aspects of my walk today - I take a walk in Nature. I listen to music, or
 a story, or a comedian (on a CD player) as I walk. I use that distraction
 to keep me from focusing on my bodily functions too much - that way disaster
 l ...
4 months ago
I feel like a bundle of sticks, and someone is trying to set those sticks ON FIRE, i.e. a bundle of jumbled nerves.... Sometimes I feel too much of what other people are feeling, and that doesn't do me a bit of good. 
 So doing this meditation was important, and I did use my wonderful CALMI ...
4 months ago
Sometimes, when I walk through the woods, I
 will come across two parallel trees - they are directly side by side, and the
 distance between them -- there is something about it. 
 I find myself contemplating that space, and in my mind's eye,
 I find myself thinking of this as a g ...
4 months ago
Metatron is an angel of life, in certain
 spiritual belief systems, and I believe Metatron's Cube is what this Angel
 breaths life into, i.e. sacred geometry is oftentimes a MAP of our electricity
 our "corpuscles", oh what is the word I want, our heartbeat, our
 core, ...
4 months ago
If you feel threatened, what do you do, imagine
 the worse, or do you work on chants that that reinforce a positive attitude, in
 perfect love and perfect trust SO MOTE IT BE, protect me from my enemies,
 protecting me from evil, keep me safe, in perfect love and perfect trust SO&#13 ...
4 months ago
The actual lyrics are "We are Siamese if
 you please, we are Siamese if you don't please..." The Siamese Cats
 sung it! It felt funny -- in an affectionate sort of way -- to remember
 the song, as I am thinking of all things Japanese. 
 No I am not trying to tout be ...
4 months ago
This is a suggestion I need to follow in life.
 Simplify. It is obvious in meditations for this site - I jumble up
 my meditations with all sorts of stimuli, all sorts of things to see to listen
 to write... 
 Well, I'll always write. Right now, I'm listening to
 music fro ...
4 months ago
I meditated on the image of Mt. Fuji
 today (in YouTube, they have those infernal Ads, to the right, that won't go
 away - conflicting images!)... There is serenity in contemplating the
 snow hat on top of that mountain, ice-cap, and snow indicating its age. 
 I like the idea of ...
4 months ago
Protect us from our enemies. Protect us
 from evil. Keep us safe. In perfect love and perfect trust.
 So Mote it Be. Protect us from our enemies. Protect us from
 evil. Keep us safe. In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. So
 Mote It Be. Protect us from our enemies. Protec ...
4 months ago
If you open a book, what do you hope to find? 
 Sleepy-time tea? 
 Words to live by? 
 Akashic Records, the library of the mind. 
 There are so MANY different rationalizations for what they
 actually are... 
 I really don ...
4 months ago
It's September 20th, day of the new moon.
 This Friday is the Autumn Equinox, September 22nd, Mabon. 
 Mabon is a nice word. Say it out loud. There is a
 tone inherent in the sound - Ma-bon. 
 I played my drum this afternoon, for my seven minutes (Seven
 minutes, the numbe ...
4 months ago
Acupressure is an interesting Asian treatment
 for bodily ailments, where the healer presses a finger against a pressure
 point. I think the concept is that we are a network of electrical
 impulses, and there are certain "connections" throughout our physical
 bodies. ...
4 months ago
I came across a course on Facebook for
 development one's innate psychic/ mediumship skills. Realize that I am
 part of the line of thinking that insists that EVERYONE is psychic. It's
 just a matter of developing this skill, if one chooses. 
 My grandmother was psychic. She w ...
4 months ago
This is Day two of my sitting in front of my
 altar, and visualizing the rope tied to my chakras / portal point going down to
 an anchor in the floor, in the ground. I also attempted to see the room
 in the white balloon, enter it, and sit down on the stone bench... The exercise&#13 ...
4 months ago
I like sitting in front of my altar, working on
 anchoring myself to the earth through a rope attached through my chakras -
 however, sitting didn't seem right. 
 So I stood. Standing, I was able to "run" the
 rope down through the ground, and also try to visualize goi ...
4 months ago
I was reminded, today, of how persistence at
 meditation will filter into ALL your waking senses ... specifically, my
 I have had people contact me, while I'm dreaming - those
 "contacts" happen in the in-between state, between sleeping and
 waking up ...
4 months ago
We need our symbols, our goals, our lucky
 pennies, the cross, the circle, geometric figures, trees that reach up towards
 the sky, the leaves which fall to the ground, rain which washes away our sins,
 the song of a bird which makes our spirit lift; humans thrive on this
 insti ...
4 months ago
Years ago, I learned a lesson on how to be one
 with Nature. This was a difficult, ongoing lesson, and at the time, I had
 no choice. My partner, at the time, and I decided to NOT have a
 car. Therefore, we went everywhere, via bicycle. Trust me, if you are
 doing a radio sho ...
4 months ago
I did my meditation today... but I feel
 like talking about the dream I had last night... so strange. 
 Someone was wounded, a political figure. I helped him
 out the door. I was trying to help. 
 His "official" assistant came to see me. He
 was sitting next to ...
4 months ago
I had an interesting problem, as I sat and
 I had to pee. 
 However, part of what I am trying to do is strengthen my
 lower torso muscles, focusing on pulling them in as I sit and contemplate... 
 So I thought I would try to see if I could maintai ...
4 months ago
Why do we meditate? To achieve
 peace? To reach nirvana? To cast "spells", i.e., power of
 positive thought, visualizations, who-ha. 
 I like the fact that I have found a spirit guide and animal
 totem. I tried visualizing them, and asking for healing. I think it ...
4 months ago
What I see is a stream, pebbles by the stream,
 leaves and shadows, the water flowing, is it hot here, I don't know, the light
 is almost blinding right above the edge of the trees, acme, where is my heart,
 I don't know, sit down on the shore, and cross your legs, breathe deep, slow ...
4 months ago
The prisms in the chandelier, icicle glass that
 reflects the light that comes into the room like a rainbow, there are lace
 doilies on the polished side tables, one on each side of the ornate couch, I
 can almost see the women in their long dresses, with the hoop underskirts/slips&# ...
5 months ago
Waves crashing against the shore, there is
 sunlight, but it is behind me, coming in from the right, I think, throw a
 stick for the dog who runs into the water to snatch it up and bring it back to
 you head held high, he's so proud, my trophy, seashells with a mother of pearl
3 months ago
I heard the Blue Jay calling. It was
 a strident call, up close and personal, either on my roof, or in the bush
 outside my window. I KNOW he's come because I asked him to, long story,
 Mockingbirds chased them out, and lately I've been grieving for my Blue Jay
 friends, and wi ...
3 months ago
Timers break. I can't believe how
 dependent I am on my timer, until it dies on me! What did I do, heat it
 to death, did my magnetic personality fry its itty-bitty circuits? Makes
 me want to contemplate man and his, her, it, dependence on knowing WHAT TIME it
 Ah, ...
3 months ago
He pushed the hair out of his eyes, you should
 cut that, if you find it an irritation, yeah, yeah, he responded, knowing she
 was right, but was too preoccupied to listen. She made sure his collars
 were crisp and tall, in his job in the city, he needed to look good, but
 somet ...
3 months ago
I was looking at the rain this morning; I live in a mobile home so when the weather is emphatic we feel it more - I was looking at the rain wondering what I could embrace in Nature today, and what I saw at that point was the rain, the rain that was cleaning everything, embracing my house, embrac ...
3 months ago
The light coursed through
 her like a knife, I am to heal, does the energy have to slice me, dice me, burn
 me up from the inside, and leave the ashes in my wake, don't know I'm jumbled
 up today, forgot part of my meditation, a vital part...there, went back and did
 it, a CHAKRA ...
3 months ago

 What I'm doing here is automatic writing where
 I try to go into a trance AFTER the meditation, so this is seven times two,
 i.e., fourteen minutes. Open the door and walk out onto the street and
 why do I end up on this cobblestone street, the door is more ...
3 months ago
Standing in the library, the lights are muted,
 except for the desk lights at each chair, station, up in the aisles, on the
 second floor you can only get to these racks stacks through the spiral
 staircases, metallic staircases, this is almost like a factory, all made of
 metal ...
3 months ago
I'm listening to this music/meditation sound on YouTube right now. I wouldn't call it music. Sounds like a heart beat. Now I want to try the letting go, while listening to this and see what my fingers say... 
 Enveloped by the tree the wrinkles in the bark
 are like rivers dar ...
3 months ago
he let go of the balloons they spiraled into
 the sky, multi-colored hope and aspirations, the woman laughed and the man doff
 his hat, they were parading in the park, Sunday afternoon, everyone was on
 patrol, time for gossip, and crumpets, home for TEA in the late afternoon, she&#1 ...
3 months ago
I keep saying this is a seven minute
 meditation, but it is more like 14 minutes and ten seconds, i.e., I sit for the
 seven minutes and five seconds and then I write for seven minutes and five
 seconds, i.e., fourteen minutes and ten seconds, this has been so strange, I'm
 stari ...
3 months ago
I find myself sitting on some narrow wide
 steps, in the sunlight, holding a pair of long scissors in my hands, basking in
 the sunlight, the temple bell has struck, except this isn't a temple, this
 place is a relic of ages long gone, the shadow of the dome to the left makes me
3 months ago
This is really nice music, and the video
 picture (YouTube) is a purple candle burning... I find it hard to tear myself
 away from that vision... BUT 
 full write ahead!!!! 
 When the candle flickers what do you see, do you see angels
 dancing on the head of the pin, d ...
3 months ago
What would you do if you were listening to
 music that sounded like a heart beat? Is it a heart beating, is this a
 drum I'm listening to, if not WHAT, definitely sounds like a heart going in,
 out in out, the gnomes are marching into the earth their pickaxes slung over
 their s ...
3 months ago
Barreling down the path, leaves flying, her
 steps was emphatic, and that made those dried missives scatter but they were
 still in vogue in color, the trees were parallel certain spots where you could
 step between these twin trees, souls joined and look down at the water drying&#13 ...
3 months ago
The tree at the side of the road is dead. 
 I'm standing at the side of this tree looking up at these branches - it is like
 a road, a map, and even without the life lingering, there is something majestic
 about this tree, a record of years past, that's what I think is wrong with&#13 ...
3 months ago
one two three four five six seven eight, relax,
 count to one two three four five six seven eight nine ten, tighten...these
 exercises seem to be working fingers crossed, okay, let's begin, look up at the
 blue jay the bird who seem translucent, eyes closed wish for the bird, my
3 months ago
(I took longer today - I listen to the music,
 and put my meditation "photos" on slideshow - and as I'm
 contemplating the pictures, listening to the music, I'm doing my Kegel
 exercises. And I was having a good time - so I took longer....) 
 Following the shee ...
3 months ago
The rusty nail that hasn't been used connects
 me to you, to the earth, to those who have passed on, swing the hammer up,
 hitting the forge, anvil, molding the new shape, embrace that nail, let's hold
 hands, breathe deep, I found a rusty nail under my cot this morning, where it&#13 ...
3 months ago
Be Here NOW, in the MOMENT, I realized that,
 AGAIN, today, as I was walking in the woods, and the fact that I was so
 involved with my inner me, that I wasn't looking OUTSIDE ME -- so I
 deliberately looked at the yellow leaves. I looked for red leaves on the
 ground. And I no ...
3 months ago
I found the carcass of the house, the crumbling stone walls, was the roof made of sod, is that the reason why there is nothing "up there", I took the neighbor's mule with me, no wait, donkey, they let me stay with them as long as I helped them with the livestock fair enough, I rode on ...
3 months ago
I've heard stories about the moors all my life,
 Bronte Sisters, Scotland, Sherlock Holmes, and I wish I could be there, to
 breathe in the smell of the peat, the moisture of the fog in the air, walking
 between the split wood fence, the gate open, the path, clear but the brambles,&# ...
2 months ago
Throwing a stone into the water, what is that
 impulse, because it's there, because you have dreams of seeing that stone skip,
 or just sheer instinct? The rocks behind me, which border this little
 alcove, sandy beach, are wet, dark rocks, but there is sand between these
 rocks ...
2 months ago
ever walk along a stone wall, no neither have I
 but let's pretend, move up out of the woodworks, she spreads her arms, the long
 loose sleeves fall from her flesh like gossamer, finery wings, the path is
 firm, pebbles, packed, moving through the grass towards the shore, there is an ...
2 months ago
Recently, I wrote a piece using automatic writing/stream of consciousness, i.e., MEDITATION. I'm part of a writing group, and we had an assignment to write a prose piece which included 36 words, pulled from a hat. I did this piece in ONE SITTING - definitely STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I like th ...
2 months ago
Crouched on the stone next to the stream, the
 young lad, held onto the railing of the broken down fence, dark wood, just
 behind him, to the left, he reached out to the water, trying to catch the
 ripple, and then looked up toward the woods, the sky above the tree tops was
 gray ...
2 months ago
Placing the palm of your hand against the stone
 wall, can you feel the crevices, the lines, is this stone growing warm
 underneath your hand, are the lines breaking open like an earthquake the world
 opening up, is that what you felt about you father always leaving, the wall,
 s ...
2 months ago
When a Billy Goat looks at you what is it
 thinking, ruminating on its cud, how far you are from it, and whether or not it
 can race you to the safety of the gate, i.e., drop kick BUTT, nah, I saw five Billy
 Goats today, three with red heads, and shoulders, bodies white, one all wit ...
2 months ago
Have you ever looked in the water, looked into
 a stream, breaking the surface, if the water is clear enough, you might see
 your reflection in that water, do we, not really but suppose the circumstances
 are right and you can look into that water and see YOU, the shimmering water&#1 ...
2 months ago
ever feel restless as you meditate, how do you
 know when you've been meditating too much, does the psyche get wound and then
 BOING, the spring is sprung and you unravel the other way, oh I doubt that, but
 I'm doing ALL sorts of things spiritual, no boast trust me, I'm just wonderi ...
2 months ago
I've heard about astral flying astral projection,
 where you take off from the side of a cliff and fly glide over the valley, spiraling
 up the mountain peak, cruising so close to the streams in the valley that you
 can almost taste the water, well ruffle the leaves up stir up the fe ...
2 months ago
I had an image in a dreaming this morning [the
 dream state, the dreaming, dream world, vision, meditations...] of men in long
 black winter coats and wearing dark bowler hats. They were white men, and
 they were looking for something in the forest "for me", but I wasn't&# ...
2 months ago
The birds soar up from me, small birds full of
 gold light, their wings fluttering, lift up release, how do I create something
 new, the belief that if you create it on the astral plane, you are giving this
 entity LIFE, it you keep investing this energy into this "being" y ...
about 2 months ago
If you take a step, if you go down the stairs,
 or up the stairs, if you travel through the woods, and trod upon the stones in
 the path, will you bleed, will you be more aware of the moment? 
 Walk, the light glimmers through the leaves, through the roof
 of this cathedral, stai ...
about 2 months ago
Ever feel your tendrils rising, the hairs on
 your arms tingling?
 Lifting its wings the bird walked the edge of
 the branch, cawing, calling, 
 Head bent, 
 Where are you,
 Hairs on edge, 
 The hairs on the cat’s back rose, his tail
about 2 months ago
The cat thrust its
 face into mine, "are you okay," it asked, oh the words were not human
 speech, but the intent was unmistakable,
 Cats know, and if you
 are simpatico, they will respond...
 Do I walk down the road, look up at the sky? 
 Toda ...
about 2 months ago
Why would I dream about being in the belly of
 a ship, I could see the dark red cedar and I was leaning against a counter, was
 on some type of ledge?
 And this
 was a new one, (which is why I wondered about the
 location ...) So was walking down these wide ...
about 2 months ago
I saw this woman with long black hair, wearing shorts and a white
 blouse (with short sleeves), bounding like a deer to each mailbox, putting
 something in each mailbox, starting at the beginning of this very long block,
 then she and this man, who looks like a youngish Marlon Brando ...
about 2 months ago

 (Three phases
 of the Moon, three phases of him, he committed an act, what exactly, I don't
 recall, murder perhaps, but he thought one of the other two did it, so when the
 trial commenced, he had them get on the stand and testify, but after awhile, he
 finally, "cam ...
about 2 months ago
I find it interesting
 when the horizon is a light color/background, and there are a few strands of
 dark clouds, and I do mean strands, fluffy strings.
 Dive in.
 The word I woke up to is
 "complicit". Hmm. 
 Light blue sky, dark clouds, hop ...
about 2 months ago
stars at night go
 cha-cha, when the cats away the mice will play, bright star, star bright first
 star I see tonight I wish I may I wish I might, that I might have this
 dream... interesting that I remember that ditty and then it drifted off
 into something else
 Jazz ...
about 2 months ago
I shot an arrow into the air but where it
 land, I do not know where, it went in THAT way [?] how strange...
 She lived on the corner of Shipley and Vine,
 the "cutest" little rooming house, but the landlord died and left her
 bereft, the woman was her best frie ...
about 2 months ago
What's around the corner of that church, the building is old, and I see the typical plants, foliage that creeps up the side of
 the old stone walls, almost like a spidery network of twigs, Around the back is hedgerow Foliage, Plants like tulips different well-brought up, bulbs, different&#13 ...
about 1 month ago
There were two entities, for a better
 want of a term, let's call them immortal - Mama/Papa and the child, a giant
 sometimes, I think this being could change shape. The parent sent the
 child out into the world of mortals to do good things, i.e., help. Then
 the child came bac ...
about 1 month ago
A young man returned, came back to be tutored
 ... I saw him in a room where the light that came through the one window
 was muted. He had hair down to his chin, and was wearing a tweed plaid
 hat, the floppy hat that was pulled down past the ears, almost that's not quite
 it, ...
about 1 month ago
I seem to have a story, going, the
 line starts here -- this man, a gentle man, quiet, authoritative, let's this
 woman out of the jail, who was holding onto this object, a piece of art/crafts
 work from falling - a Japanese house and attachment, pagoda, and cart (wooden
 wagon, ...
about 1 month ago
Sometimes I write things down in an effort to
 remember. I used to keep hold of EVERYTHING scrap of paper I wrote on -
 documents filed in folders on my computer. Then I would go back into
 these documents and drown in the words. IMPOSSIBLE. So I stopped doing
 that. However ...
about 1 month ago
It's six in the morning, December 8th, and the
 sky is pitch-black, very strange, I remember when six a.m. brought sunlight,
 but not in December with daylight savings I hate that concept, why can't we
 have REAL time, and not these artificial restraints that human society imposes&#1 ...
about 1 month ago
when you stare into the water, the surface
 sometimes, most often ripples, you see yourself in the clear water, but the
 image distorts, wavers, takes on different shades, and nuances, the light of
 the sun comes through like a fractured song, rays bent, the light sparkles, the
about 1 month ago
Yesterday, it started snowing at noon and kept
 up until around midnight. It was a rain snow, so there isn't much out
 there right now, but when the temperatures drop like that it disrupts,
 interrupts one's schedules, i.e. meditations. Nevertheless, I had a grand
 dream which ...
about 1 month ago
if you peer into water, you peer into another
 world, a distorted image of who you are, fish swimming, hiding underneath the
 rocks to get away from the shadow which is you, the water ripples, and reflects
 the images of the trees, now that's enchantment, where it seems as if there I ...
about 1 month ago
Why does a mountainside look like the Earth's
 visually sighing, sighs that are like the incoming and outgoing tide the laps
 up and down, and then everyone FREEZE FRAME, that's a mountainside, and at the
 top of one of those mountains, looking down into this valley, where the river& ...
about 1 month ago
When I woke up this morning, I was aware that I
 had done a lot of dreaming, and that in that instance, all those dreams had
 flitted away from me like the flock scattering at dawn, going out to seek their
 fortune, it is a cold day, time, to leave food for the birds, but I am not su ...
about 1 month ago
 like a woman who drank too much coffee, wham, pow, you input words, sentences,
 paragraphs. Your computer begins to complain, speaking out of turn, talking
 back… “You think you’re so clever writing this dribble …” That makes your eyes
 widen, doesn’t it? The nerve of thi ...
about 1 month ago
The path disappeared between the rocks,
 boulders with a bit of moss on them, to the right a tall old stone building,
 more like a fortress than a house, at least that's what it looks like from a
 sunlight is shy in winter, I think, there's frost on the
 window, du ...
about 1 month ago
I heard a harsh squawk, from the bush outside
 my window, a declaration, I moved quietly to the window to look out. The
 Blue Jay was perched at the top of the bush, tiptoes, tiptop, twigs, the acme,
 his beak raised up in the air, a BIG honking piece of popcorn ready to be
 swa ...
about 1 month ago
Each morning, the rising of the sun is
 different. If you wake up before the sunrise, DAWN, sit and contemplate
 the sky, the horizon. The moment is like an edge to reason, the curtains
 parting it is slow, but when it happens it is instantaneous. Gone in a
 moment, almost. ...
29 days ago
Entering the woods … there were different kinds of trees.
 The first were distorted, twisted, gossiping hens leaning their heads together,
 shivering with laughter or the wind. Then there were the judge,
 jury and executioners. These trees stood apart. Most wore gray, heads stretche ...
27 days ago
 is written on the backend of success, but don’t we learn more from the failures
 than the triumphs? My life is a scientific experiment in how change and
 imagination should work hand in hand. (The white horse with the tangled mane
 cantered across the field.) Number neve ...
26 days ago
When I walk to my alcove, an area of land that
 NO ONE FREQUENTS, because it is off the bridge, next to the turnpike (the gas
 line is buried there, I "think"), I pass by a house that borders this
 ragged area of torn trees, a man made pond, and shrubbery. This house
25 days ago
In the bush I saw sparrows, wrens, finch, and
 chickadee (I lose count of how many of each denomination!) I KNOW I saw
 the wren and sparrow. What struck me was the SEEING them perched at the
 edge of the old Mockingbird nest -- one or two may have walked across the
 nest! I l ...
24 days ago
I heard the Blue Jay squawking and saw his
 shadow against the white blinds and on the counter. 
 I heard him land on the windowsill - a great seeing, BUT NOT
 seeing the Blue Jay. 
 I saw two Chickadees in the bush. 
 As I came back from the woods, and parked, a bird flew, a ...
23 days ago
Blackbirds ambulate through the grass — confusing
 me foliage, uncertain as to which are blades, dandelions, clovers or wicked
 weeds, growing like crazy. (It was a good rain this year.) The blackbirds don’t
 care; nibble on a blade, consume the clover, rampage through the weeds or&# ...
22 days ago