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I heard the Blue Jay squawking and saw his
 shadow against the white blinds and on the counter. 
 I heard him land on the windowsill - a great seeing, BUT NOT
 seeing the Blue Jay. 
 I saw two Chickadees in the bush. 
 As I came back from the woods, and parked, a bird flew, a ...
12 months ago
A young man returned, came back to be tutored
 ... I saw him in a room where the light that came through the one window
 was muted. He had hair down to his chin, and was wearing a tweed plaid
 hat, the floppy hat that was pulled down past the ears, almost that's not quite
 it, ...
about 1 year ago
Ever feel your tendrils rising, the hairs on
 your arms tingling?
 Lifting its wings the bird walked the edge of
 the branch, cawing, calling, 
 Head bent, 
 Where are you,
 Hairs on edge, 
 The hairs on the cat’s back rose, his tail
about 1 year ago
I've heard about astral flying astral projection,
 where you take off from the side of a cliff and fly glide over the valley, spiraling
 up the mountain peak, cruising so close to the streams in the valley that you
 can almost taste the water, well ruffle the leaves up stir up the fe ...
about 1 year ago
Placing the palm of your hand against the stone
 wall, can you feel the crevices, the lines, is this stone growing warm
 underneath your hand, are the lines breaking open like an earthquake the world
 opening up, is that what you felt about you father always leaving, the wall,
 s ...
about 1 year ago
Crouched on the stone next to the stream, the
 young lad, held onto the railing of the broken down fence, dark wood, just
 behind him, to the left, he reached out to the water, trying to catch the
 ripple, and then looked up toward the woods, the sky above the tree tops was
 gray ...
about 1 year ago
The dog trot ted down the street, tail wagging,
 long loopy legs almost tripping him up, well that's what it looks like, his
 tongue out as he continues on his merry way, his journey, waltz me around
 again, Winnie, oh, the man sat next to the pond, and she came up behind him,
 p ...
about 1 year ago
ever walk along a stone wall, no neither have I
 but let's pretend, move up out of the woodworks, she spreads her arms, the long
 loose sleeves fall from her flesh like gossamer, finery wings, the path is
 firm, pebbles, packed, moving through the grass towards the shore, there is an ...
about 1 year ago
I've heard stories about the moors all my life,
 Bronte Sisters, Scotland, Sherlock Holmes, and I wish I could be there, to
 breathe in the smell of the peat, the moisture of the fog in the air, walking
 between the split wood fence, the gate open, the path, clear but the brambles,&# ...
about 1 year ago
Standing in the arched doorway, the roof is
 gone, the trees overhead seem to unit in their attempt to shield me from the
 elements, leaves float down into the room, and later send those messages
 scurrying through the door and open windows, this is a home past tense, and
 would ...
about 1 year ago
This is really nice music, and the video
 picture (YouTube) is a purple candle burning... I find it hard to tear myself
 away from that vision... BUT 
 full write ahead!!!! 
 When the candle flickers what do you see, do you see angels
 dancing on the head of the pin, d ...
about 1 year ago
I keep saying this is a seven minute
 meditation, but it is more like 14 minutes and ten seconds, i.e., I sit for the
 seven minutes and five seconds and then I write for seven minutes and five
 seconds, i.e., fourteen minutes and ten seconds, this has been so strange, I'm
 stari ...
about 1 year ago
he let go of the balloons they spiraled into
 the sky, multi-colored hope and aspirations, the woman laughed and the man doff
 his hat, they were parading in the park, Sunday afternoon, everyone was on
 patrol, time for gossip, and crumpets, home for TEA in the late afternoon, she&#1 ...
about 1 year ago
I'm listening to this music/meditation sound on YouTube right now. I wouldn't call it music. Sounds like a heart beat. Now I want to try the letting go, while listening to this and see what my fingers say... 
 Enveloped by the tree the wrinkles in the bark
 are like rivers dar ...
about 1 year ago

 What I'm doing here is automatic writing where
 I try to go into a trance AFTER the meditation, so this is seven times two,
 i.e., fourteen minutes. Open the door and walk out onto the street and
 why do I end up on this cobblestone street, the door is more ...
about 1 year ago
The light coursed through
 her like a knife, I am to heal, does the energy have to slice me, dice me, burn
 me up from the inside, and leave the ashes in my wake, don't know I'm jumbled
 up today, forgot part of my meditation, a vital part...there, went back and did
 it, a CHAKRA ...
about 1 year ago
I think I'm going to sit on the black wrought
 iron bench next to the pond and see what happens. Lord, if you sit next
 to water and you listen to tonal music the first impulsive sight is an
 uggly-buggly emerging from the water, scratch that.
 Begin again. 
 One does have t ...
about 1 year ago
The prisms in the chandelier, icicle glass that
 reflects the light that comes into the room like a rainbow, there are lace
 doilies on the polished side tables, one on each side of the ornate couch, I
 can almost see the women in their long dresses, with the hoop underskirts/slips&# ...
over 1 year ago
What I see is a stream, pebbles by the stream,
 leaves and shadows, the water flowing, is it hot here, I don't know, the light
 is almost blinding right above the edge of the trees, acme, where is my heart,
 I don't know, sit down on the shore, and cross your legs, breathe deep, slow ...
about 1 year ago
Metatron is an angel of life, in certain
 spiritual belief systems, and I believe Metatron's Cube is what this Angel
 breaths life into, i.e. sacred geometry is oftentimes a MAP of our electricity
 our "corpuscles", oh what is the word I want, our heartbeat, our
 core, ...
over 1 year ago
I did a group meditation earlier today, online,
 for an hour. However, I still wanted to do this Mandela Meditation,
 contemplating my Mandela while listening to an Akashic Records Meditation Music
 (from You Tube). I feel that this Meditation is good for me.
 However, the ima ...
over 1 year ago