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I went on a 7 day retreat at Gaia House: Embodying the Awakening Heart, with Yanai Postelnik & Leela Sarti. My general aims were to surrender into the stillness that continues to grow in my daily experience, and to explore the long-term energetic tensions that I feel in my throat and forehea ...
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Just back from 7 days at Gaia House; Right now, it's like this... with Martin Aylward Had a really positive experience! Besides one rough morning, there was a lot of clarity and ease. Early days, beat myself trying to uphold certain reifications of current understanding. This awareness of 'sho ...
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A week or so ago I visited Alan and casually mentioned the panic attacks I'd been experiencing since last year. His view, based on other phenomena occurring in my practice, was that they were actually related to the next phase of awakening, that would culminate in Liberation. This was a quite a ...
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