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I want to live somewhere where it doesn't snow, 
 close your eyes and listen 
 birds singing, scraping the snow with their talons,
 fluttering, wing spurts, pecking at the twigs, searching, 
 close your eyes and listen 
 sunlight breaking through the clouds, the slant of the ...
1 day ago
When I woke up this morning, I was aware that I
 had done a lot of dreaming, and that in that instance, all those dreams had
 flitted away from me like the flock scattering at dawn, going out to seek their
 fortune, it is a cold day, time, to leave food for the birds, but I am not su ...
2 days ago
Why does a mountainside look like the Earth's
 visually sighing, sighs that are like the incoming and outgoing tide the laps
 up and down, and then everyone FREEZE FRAME, that's a mountainside, and at the
 top of one of those mountains, looking down into this valley, where the river& ...
3 days ago
when you stare into the water, the surface
 sometimes, most often ripples, you see yourself in the clear water, but the
 image distorts, wavers, takes on different shades, and nuances, the light of
 the sun comes through like a fractured song, rays bent, the light sparkles, the
6 days ago
What's around the corner of that church, the building is old, and I see the typical plants, foliage that creeps up the side of
 the old stone walls, almost like a spidery network of twigs, Around the back is hedgerow Foliage, Plants like tulips different well-brought up, bulbs, different&#13 ...
12 days ago
The sun's painting
 the skyA pink shadow, certain clouds,
 I find that dazzlingly puzzling --
 Again the sense of math, geometry --
 Is it the angle of the sun "coming
 Of course! 
 But some mornings 
 That pink ...
18 days ago
I saw this woman with long black hair, wearing shorts and a white
 blouse (with short sleeves), bounding like a deer to each mailbox, putting
 something in each mailbox, starting at the beginning of this very long block,
 then she and this man, who looks like a youngish Marlon Brando ...
21 days ago