Tag: dream recollection

Yesterday, it started snowing at noon and kept
 up until around midnight. It was a rain snow, so there isn't much out
 there right now, but when the temperatures drop like that it disrupts,
 interrupts one's schedules, i.e. meditations. Nevertheless, I had a grand
 dream which ...
11 months ago
A young man returned, came back to be tutored
 ... I saw him in a room where the light that came through the one window
 was muted. He had hair down to his chin, and was wearing a tweed plaid
 hat, the floppy hat that was pulled down past the ears, almost that's not quite
 it, ...
12 months ago
There were two entities, for a better
 want of a term, let's call them immortal - Mama/Papa and the child, a giant
 sometimes, I think this being could change shape. The parent sent the
 child out into the world of mortals to do good things, i.e., help. Then
 the child came bac ...
12 months ago
I shot an arrow into the air but where it
 land, I do not know where, it went in THAT way [?] how strange...
 She lived on the corner of Shipley and Vine,
 the "cutest" little rooming house, but the landlord died and left her
 bereft, the woman was her best frie ...
12 months ago