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The birds soar up from me, small birds full of
 gold light, their wings fluttering, lift up release, how do I create something
 new, the belief that if you create it on the astral plane, you are giving this
 entity LIFE, it you keep investing this energy into this "being" y ...
2 days ago
I had an image in a dreaming this morning [the
 dream state, the dreaming, dream world, vision, meditations...] of men in long
 black winter coats and wearing dark bowler hats. They were white men, and
 they were looking for something in the forest "for me", but I wasn't&# ...
3 days ago
I've heard about astral flying astral projection,
 where you take off from the side of a cliff and fly glide over the valley, spiraling
 up the mountain peak, cruising so close to the streams in the valley that you
 can almost taste the water, well ruffle the leaves up stir up the fe ...
4 days ago
ever feel restless as you meditate, how do you
 know when you've been meditating too much, does the psyche get wound and then
 BOING, the spring is sprung and you unravel the other way, oh I doubt that, but
 I'm doing ALL sorts of things spiritual, no boast trust me, I'm just wonderi ...
5 days ago
Have you ever looked in the water, looked into
 a stream, breaking the surface, if the water is clear enough, you might see
 your reflection in that water, do we, not really but suppose the circumstances
 are right and you can look into that water and see YOU, the shimmering water&#1 ...
6 days ago
When a Billy Goat looks at you what is it
 thinking, ruminating on its cud, how far you are from it, and whether or not it
 can race you to the safety of the gate, i.e., drop kick BUTT, nah, I saw five Billy
 Goats today, three with red heads, and shoulders, bodies white, one all wit ...
7 days ago
Placing the palm of your hand against the stone
 wall, can you feel the crevices, the lines, is this stone growing warm
 underneath your hand, are the lines breaking open like an earthquake the world
 opening up, is that what you felt about you father always leaving, the wall,
 s ...
8 days ago
Sunlight came through the windows, I like those
 halls where the walls are more glass then solid fabric, wood, metal stone, the
 sunlight illuminated the hall the gold tinged framework, little church steeples
 each part of this hall, arches, the monk walked down this hall, glancing&# ...
9 days ago
Crouched on the stone next to the stream, the
 young lad, held onto the railing of the broken down fence, dark wood, just
 behind him, to the left, he reached out to the water, trying to catch the
 ripple, and then looked up toward the woods, the sky above the tree tops was
 gray ...
10 days ago
Recently, I wrote a piece using automatic writing/stream of consciousness, i.e., MEDITATION. I'm part of a writing group, and we had an assignment to write a prose piece which included 36 words, pulled from a hat. I did this piece in ONE SITTING - definitely STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I like th ...
12 days ago
ever walk along a stone wall, no neither have I
 but let's pretend, move up out of the woodworks, she spreads her arms, the long
 loose sleeves fall from her flesh like gossamer, finery wings, the path is
 firm, pebbles, packed, moving through the grass towards the shore, there is an ...
13 days ago
ever look at a red leaf through a crystal ball,
 it's like a magnifying glass, I reckon, except it's a crystal ball, so one can
 be impish, go, OHHHH, magic, and such whatnot, I like the lines in a leaf, it
 is like the palm of a hand, it's like the tree itself, ever notice that maps ...
14 days ago
Throwing a stone into the water, what is that
 impulse, because it's there, because you have dreams of seeing that stone skip,
 or just sheer instinct? The rocks behind me, which border this little
 alcove, sandy beach, are wet, dark rocks, but there is sand between these
 rocks ...
16 days ago
I've heard stories about the moors all my life,
 Bronte Sisters, Scotland, Sherlock Holmes, and I wish I could be there, to
 breathe in the smell of the peat, the moisture of the fog in the air, walking
 between the split wood fence, the gate open, the path, clear but the brambles,&# ...
17 days ago
I found the carcass of the house, the crumbling stone walls, was the roof made of sod, is that the reason why there is nothing "up there", I took the neighbor's mule with me, no wait, donkey, they let me stay with them as long as I helped them with the livestock fair enough, I rode on ...
18 days ago
Be Here NOW, in the MOMENT, I realized that,
 AGAIN, today, as I was walking in the woods, and the fact that I was so
 involved with my inner me, that I wasn't looking OUTSIDE ME -- so I
 deliberately looked at the yellow leaves. I looked for red leaves on the
 ground. And I no ...
19 days ago
The rusty nail that hasn't been used connects
 me to you, to the earth, to those who have passed on, swing the hammer up,
 hitting the forge, anvil, molding the new shape, embrace that nail, let's hold
 hands, breathe deep, I found a rusty nail under my cot this morning, where it&#13 ...
20 days ago
one two three four five six seven eight, relax,
 count to one two three four five six seven eight nine ten, tighten...these
 exercises seem to be working fingers crossed, okay, let's begin, look up at the
 blue jay the bird who seem translucent, eyes closed wish for the bird, my
22 days ago
That's the name of the exercises I've been
 trying to do as I meditate. I didn't know the name until today. I
 looked it up on the Internet and got the exact steps one must take to do them. 
 It's so embarrassing, but the way I figure it - what better
 time to BECOME BETTER -- ...
24 days ago
The tree at the side of the road is dead. 
 I'm standing at the side of this tree looking up at these branches - it is like
 a road, a map, and even without the life lingering, there is something majestic
 about this tree, a record of years past, that's what I think is wrong with&#13 ...
25 days ago
Barreling down the path, leaves flying, her
 steps was emphatic, and that made those dried missives scatter but they were
 still in vogue in color, the trees were parallel certain spots where you could
 step between these twin trees, souls joined and look down at the water drying&#13 ...
26 days ago
What would you do if you were listening to
 music that sounded like a heart beat? Is it a heart beating, is this a
 drum I'm listening to, if not WHAT, definitely sounds like a heart going in,
 out in out, the gnomes are marching into the earth their pickaxes slung over
 their s ...
27 days ago
Ever stand for a moment looking up at the
 leaves as they fall from the trees, this patio is wide, stones, old castle, and
 you can see the age in the stones, they have soak up so much moisture, looking
 through the archway, the door the leads OUT through the bridge, across the
about 1 month ago
Standing in the arched doorway, the roof is
 gone, the trees overhead seem to unit in their attempt to shield me from the
 elements, leaves float down into the room, and later send those messages
 scurrying through the door and open windows, this is a home past tense, and
 would ...
about 1 month ago
This is really nice music, and the video
 picture (YouTube) is a purple candle burning... I find it hard to tear myself
 away from that vision... BUT 
 full write ahead!!!! 
 When the candle flickers what do you see, do you see angels
 dancing on the head of the pin, d ...
about 1 month ago
he let go of the balloons they spiraled into
 the sky, multi-colored hope and aspirations, the woman laughed and the man doff
 his hat, they were parading in the park, Sunday afternoon, everyone was on
 patrol, time for gossip, and crumpets, home for TEA in the late afternoon, she&#1 ...
about 1 month ago
I'm listening to this music/meditation sound on YouTube right now. I wouldn't call it music. Sounds like a heart beat. Now I want to try the letting go, while listening to this and see what my fingers say... 
 Enveloped by the tree the wrinkles in the bark
 are like rivers dar ...
about 1 month ago
Standing in the library, the lights are muted,
 except for the desk lights at each chair, station, up in the aisles, on the
 second floor you can only get to these racks stacks through the spiral
 staircases, metallic staircases, this is almost like a factory, all made of
 metal ...
about 1 month ago

 What I'm doing here is automatic writing where
 I try to go into a trance AFTER the meditation, so this is seven times two,
 i.e., fourteen minutes. Open the door and walk out onto the street and
 why do I end up on this cobblestone street, the door is more ...
about 1 month ago
The light coursed through
 her like a knife, I am to heal, does the energy have to slice me, dice me, burn
 me up from the inside, and leave the ashes in my wake, don't know I'm jumbled
 up today, forgot part of my meditation, a vital part...there, went back and did
 it, a CHAKRA ...
about 1 month ago
I was looking at the rain this morning; I live in a mobile home so when the weather is emphatic we feel it more - I was looking at the rain wondering what I could embrace in Nature today, and what I saw at that point was the rain, the rain that was cleaning everything, embracing my house, embrac ...
about 1 month ago
He pushed the hair out of his eyes, you should
 cut that, if you find it an irritation, yeah, yeah, he responded, knowing she
 was right, but was too preoccupied to listen. She made sure his collars
 were crisp and tall, in his job in the city, he needed to look good, but
 somet ...
about 1 month ago
Timers break. I can't believe how
 dependent I am on my timer, until it dies on me! What did I do, heat it
 to death, did my magnetic personality fry its itty-bitty circuits? Makes
 me want to contemplate man and his, her, it, dependence on knowing WHAT TIME it
 Ah, ...
about 1 month ago
Waves crashing against the shore, there is
 sunlight, but it is behind me, coming in from the right, I think, throw a
 stick for the dog who runs into the water to snatch it up and bring it back to
 you head held high, he's so proud, my trophy, seashells with a mother of pearl
about 2 months ago
The prisms in the chandelier, icicle glass that
 reflects the light that comes into the room like a rainbow, there are lace
 doilies on the polished side tables, one on each side of the ornate couch, I
 can almost see the women in their long dresses, with the hoop underskirts/slips&# ...
3 months ago
What I see is a stream, pebbles by the stream,
 leaves and shadows, the water flowing, is it hot here, I don't know, the light
 is almost blinding right above the edge of the trees, acme, where is my heart,
 I don't know, sit down on the shore, and cross your legs, breathe deep, slow ...
about 2 months ago

 Writing while mediating is called, at the best of times, automatic
 writing, you let yourself go, and let the worlds come, the flash of light that
 comes from the wardrobe being open, there's a mirror on the door, which caught
 the light emanating from the window, white curtai ...
about 2 months ago
Why do we meditate? To achieve
 peace? To reach nirvana? To cast "spells", i.e., power of
 positive thought, visualizations, who-ha. 
 I like the fact that I have found a spirit guide and animal
 totem. I tried visualizing them, and asking for healing. I think it ...
about 2 months ago
I did my meditation today... but I feel
 like talking about the dream I had last night... so strange. 
 Someone was wounded, a political figure. I helped him
 out the door. I was trying to help. 
 His "official" assistant came to see me. He
 was sitting next to ...
about 2 months ago
Years ago, I learned a lesson on how to be one
 with Nature. This was a difficult, ongoing lesson, and at the time, I had
 no choice. My partner, at the time, and I decided to NOT have a
 car. Therefore, we went everywhere, via bicycle. Trust me, if you are
 doing a radio sho ...
about 2 months ago
We need our symbols, our goals, our lucky
 pennies, the cross, the circle, geometric figures, trees that reach up towards
 the sky, the leaves which fall to the ground, rain which washes away our sins,
 the song of a bird which makes our spirit lift; humans thrive on this
 insti ...
about 2 months ago
This is Day two of my sitting in front of my
 altar, and visualizing the rope tied to my chakras / portal point going down to
 an anchor in the floor, in the ground. I also attempted to see the room
 in the white balloon, enter it, and sit down on the stone bench... The exercise&#13 ...
about 2 months ago
Acupressure is an interesting Asian treatment
 for bodily ailments, where the healer presses a finger against a pressure
 point. I think the concept is that we are a network of electrical
 impulses, and there are certain "connections" throughout our physical
 bodies. ...
2 months ago
It's September 20th, day of the new moon.
 This Friday is the Autumn Equinox, September 22nd, Mabon. 
 Mabon is a nice word. Say it out loud. There is a
 tone inherent in the sound - Ma-bon. 
 I played my drum this afternoon, for my seven minutes (Seven
 minutes, the numbe ...
2 months ago
If you open a book, what do you hope to find? 
 Sleepy-time tea? 
 Words to live by? 
 Akashic Records, the library of the mind. 
 There are so MANY different rationalizations for what they
 actually are... 
 I really don ...
2 months ago
This is a suggestion I need to follow in life.
 Simplify. It is obvious in meditations for this site - I jumble up
 my meditations with all sorts of stimuli, all sorts of things to see to listen
 to write... 
 Well, I'll always write. Right now, I'm listening to
 music fro ...
2 months ago
If you feel threatened, what do you do, imagine
 the worse, or do you work on chants that that reinforce a positive attitude, in
 perfect love and perfect trust SO MOTE IT BE, protect me from my enemies,
 protecting me from evil, keep me safe, in perfect love and perfect trust SO&#13 ...
2 months ago
I drop the LOOKING at something while I am
 listening to the meditative music. I may go back to that. One thing
 nice about meditation, on your own, is - my game, my rules. 
 Mostly, this morning, I was meditating and listening to this
 music, while trying to SEE with my mind ...
3 months ago
Meditation, for me, is like the currents in the
 ocean, in, out, low tide, high tide, what goes up, must come down, if my energy
 is HIGH each day I will burn up, and yeah, I'm reminding myself of that, persistence
 is the key, so to not be disappointment if one day, eh, no deep flow ...
3 months ago
I had trouble focusing for this sit. I did
 a LOT of writing today, and meditating.
 I went for a walk in the woods. I also wrote in my blog,
 TRACKINGTHOREAU as to why I write about what I see in Nature. I summed it
 up with "It's like breathing..." 
 And that' ...
3 months ago
I used the Mandela today, and the music with the
 drum beat, heart beat, I practiced holding in my muscles, crossing my legs (I
 HAVE TO.) while I'm sitting on my chair - and I put my arms back at times - and
 doing all this I found myself dancing in my chair, I looked at two top yel ...
3 months ago
Spiraling, the sweat is on my face, is that
 really GOOD for me, I don't know I feel like I'm taking a bath in ME, the
 mosaic design in the sidewalk, the colored chalk depictions, life as we know
 it, we HAVE to RESIST sunlight fill me, walking on a tightrope, on the path
 betwe ...
3 months ago
The strength of trauma finally arising from the friend's pretend suicide attempt (her "suicide" phone call to me with small child in background as she was losing consciousness) has left me physically and emotionally exhausted. It needed to come out, didn't know it was in there. 10 min ...
about 3 years ago 3 8
Today I sat for 10 minutes of mindful breathing and started seeing purple light behind my eyes. My aunt's teacher once said to ignore anything visual because it is a distraction. I'm someone who gets easily distracted (yes I'm a new meditator) so if I try ignoring the purple, I get frustrated. D ...
Becky added a diary.
about 3 years ago 4 17
Sat for 10 minutes. It felt like the timer went off too soon. Tomorrow I will sit for 11 minutes and start working my way up to my 20 minute goal. I was distracted at the beginning by my own thoughts. I acknowledged them and they went away. Then I was distracted by my own heartbeat, but I was ab ...
Becky added a diary.
about 3 years ago 3 1
I was pretty distracted today. I meditated right after breakfast and big cup of coffee so I started shaking towards the end. I also saw purple again, but this time I was better at just seeing it and not getting carried away staring at it. 11 minutes went by quickly. Tomorrow I'll try 12!
about 3 years ago 3
Not sure what happened today. I had a great sit for 10 minutes and then couldn't stay seated for 2 more minutes. At the beginning I found myself thinking about my roommate. I haven't seen her much this week and I think she is feeling abandoned. I don't blame her, I should make more of an effor ...
about 3 years ago 3 5
I struggled a but at the beginning to get started. I adjusted myself and fidgeting a few times before I composed myself. Once I got past this, the rest of the sit was very refreshing. Reading a bit helped me focus on what I should. I still feel like I want to talk to Sayan or my aunt for some g ...
about 3 years ago 4 2
First time I was able to sit for 12 minutes and not even think about how long its been. I was actually surprised when the timer went off! I did cheat a little- allowing myself to scratch an itch once or twice- but it didn't distract for more than a few moments and I was still able to remain in a ...
about 3 years ago 5 2
10 minutes of breathing before bed. Didn't want to finish the sit, was tracking the sensations from moment to moment, with the only intention to know the sensation the moment it appears. The speed with which sensations appear and disappear makes it a really difficult task. Once I want to know th ...
over 2 years ago 1
I think I have to write this down, that I want
 to sit and contemplate this Mandela for seven minutes each day, because I
 almost forgot to do this today. The heat, et al, is getting to me, and so
 many well-meaning intentions, get lost in the stream of thought universal
 stream ...
4 months ago 1
Been out from this online platform for quite a while, sometimes logging my sittings in an offline notebook, and sometimes not logging at all (and still sitting, of course :) ). Time to get back, for another series of logs. A pleasant sit today. First vocalizing intentions for practice, then so ...
over 2 years ago 2
Did guided meditation under my friend's recorded voice. Mindfulness of breathing and open presence. Some vivid images, but no distraction from the object. Some thoughts bursted out one time, but also noted without distraction. Much discomfort in the body. A good sit which I needed.
over 2 years ago 2