Tag: Mindfulness

Morning Meditation. focused on breathing.
about 4 years ago 1
Guided Meditation - Tara Brach - "Collecting, Unifying and Opening the Mind" - 23:20 Sitting before bed. Restless mind. Floated in and out of mindfulness, overall very beneficial and worthwhile. I felt very blissful at points, not as sustained as I have before, but very good. I am ...
almost 4 years ago
Woke up this morning and tried to fall back to sleep whilst maintaining mindfulness. Sleep Yoga. Didn't work and hasn't worked in the past either. But that won't dampen my spirits :-) Played around with the amount of effort applied as getting drowsy.
over 3 years ago 2 10
Took Pratimoksha Vows Formally went for refuge Generated Bodhichitta. Made mental offerings to the Buddhas (including offering my practice) Developed regret for past actions. Rejoiced in the virtues of all. Developed wish for meditation and dharma teachings to continue to appear. Wish for other ...
over 3 years ago 4 4
Taught a meditation class this morning on Mindfulness. Set a good intention to benefit self and others Set a good motivation, to not try too hard, to relax Meditated on meeting our self. Body, thoughts, feelings. Meditated on the breath. Meditated on "may I be gentle with myself" &quo ...
over 3 years ago 2 7
I was sitting in my couch high off THC and practiced mindfulness in the present moment; aware of sounds and images, and seeing them just by what they are, inputs to our brain. I started feeling they were signals like the radio that can be tuned in more precisely and I noticed the non-self mark o ...
over 1 year ago 3 3
Sat for 10 minutes today. Trying to focus on mindfulness today. Focused on how every part of my body was feeling. As well as focusing on my breathing. Today my Girl friend walked in on me and she was really okay with it. she thought it was a good thing Ive been meditating. definitely not what i ...
about 1 year ago 2 2