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I want to live somewhere where it doesn't snow, 
 close your eyes and listen 
 birds singing, scraping the snow with their talons,
 fluttering, wing spurts, pecking at the twigs, searching, 
 close your eyes and listen 
 sunlight breaking through the clouds, the slant of the ...
9 months ago
Sometimes I write things down in an effort to
 remember. I used to keep hold of EVERYTHING scrap of paper I wrote on -
 documents filed in folders on my computer. Then I would go back into
 these documents and drown in the words. IMPOSSIBLE. So I stopped doing
 that. However ...
10 months ago
There were two entities, for a better
 want of a term, let's call them immortal - Mama/Papa and the child, a giant
 sometimes, I think this being could change shape. The parent sent the
 child out into the world of mortals to do good things, i.e., help. Then
 the child came bac ...
10 months ago
I shot an arrow into the air but where it
 land, I do not know where, it went in THAT way [?] how strange...
 She lived on the corner of Shipley and Vine,
 the "cutest" little rooming house, but the landlord died and left her
 bereft, the woman was her best frie ...
10 months ago
If you take a step, if you go down the stairs,
 or up the stairs, if you travel through the woods, and trod upon the stones in
 the path, will you bleed, will you be more aware of the moment? 
 Walk, the light glimmers through the leaves, through the roof
 of this cathedral, stai ...
10 months ago
I had an image in a dreaming this morning [the
 dream state, the dreaming, dream world, vision, meditations...] of men in long
 black winter coats and wearing dark bowler hats. They were white men, and
 they were looking for something in the forest "for me", but I wasn't&# ...
10 months ago
Placing the palm of your hand against the stone
 wall, can you feel the crevices, the lines, is this stone growing warm
 underneath your hand, are the lines breaking open like an earthquake the world
 opening up, is that what you felt about you father always leaving, the wall,
 s ...
11 months ago