180 minute meditation journal

27 March 2015 9:34 PM
Hit another back-to-back Bikram. I have a friend, who is overweight, whether or not that is important I do not know, who has been tagging along every day with me this week. Well, more like I am tagging along with him as I let him decide when we are going ... anyway ... He seems to know everyone at the place. It's amazing. Tonight, there was a gentleman he knows and who attended the class with us. I regularly attend this class and have never seen him there before. Anyway, my friend took note of how "intense" my focus is throughout the class. So much so that I am completely oblivious to the throngs of other students looking toward me for an example on how to hit their appropriate posture.

Why the intensity? Well, meditation. I never even thought I was "intense," as he called it. I am just focused. Present. Aware only of what I need to be while my mind focuses on that single point we call drishti and pratyahara.

As my series of Bikrams comes to an end, I wonder what effect this will have on my meditation practice. It is a real struggle for me, as it is for many others I am sure, to simply sit and wind myself down. When I precede the meditation with what yoga asana are needed for me that day, meditation is "easy." I can sit for far longer, up to 90 minutes or more, thanks to the "yoga pretzel shit" (as aptly named by a friend long ago).

Saturday evening will be a silent vigil class. Remember: one cannot appreciate life if you cannot appreciate death. Do not focus on the sadness and loss of a friend. Instead, relish that the time they occupied that physical vehicle was done so with mostly joy and wellness for all around her.

I am grateful for a much needed haircut today.
I am grateful to have been motivated by a teacher/friend to hit two classes, back-to-back tonight.
I am grateful to have visited the mum today.
I am grateful to have enough dollars to pay the car insurance on-time.
I am grateful for the cold tonight.
I am grateful for the snow this morning.
I am grateful for friends and otherwise always having the tendency of showing their "true colors" before long.
I am grateful for the coming interview with the monastery in the next few days.
I am grateful for ...well... the delicious two cakes I inhaled throughout the day today.
I am grateful for the slight shining of sunlight this evening.
I am grateful for the longer days now upon us...finally!

A happy weekend to you all, my friend. May it be filled with metta, joy, peace, happiness, and all else that you may need in your life right about now. :)