90 minute meditation journal

26 March 2015 11:11 PM
It's snowing ... oh, Michigan. If there's one thing you've taught me and taught me well that is to never be surprised and surprised I am not.

After yoga I wanted to take a nap. SOOOO ... I crawled up into a ball in my car, covered myself head to toe with a blanket, and then napped away in the parking lot. As what seems to usually happen when I nap in a parking lot, construction workers brought out their monstrously loud tools and started grinding away on the pavement. To say it was loud was an understatement. That nap didn't last long. Still grateful for the easy day though...

I am grateful for an easy day.
I am grateful to have felt so enjoyably alive for a morning moving meditation ... and to have actually been so present, focused throughout.
I am grateful for the thoughts of love and happiness that followed me in my dreams throughout the night.
I am grateful to have woken up so easily and feeling so rested.
I am grateful for the reply received from the Zen Center.
I am grateful for an excellent month of March thus far.
I am grateful to be enjoying happiness every day it seems.
I am grateful grandma doesn't want me to leave her home just yet.
I am grateful grandma was confused when I told her I thought I was getting in her way (she said, "You're never here and even when you are, you don't leave any messes. How could you ever get in anyone's way?"
I am grateful to be getting MUCH better at mantra and visualization meditation.

There was  question I was going to pose to you all but it has escaped me...