90 minute meditation journal

26 March 2015 3:05 AM
Wow ... just realized that my keeping track of my yoga sessions was off by ten. Hahaha. That means I am only eight days away from completing my 60-Day Bikram Challenge. It's amazing how many positive changes have sprung about through my entire mind/body/spirit complex. I almost wish I had a before picture and journal but I guess people will have to take my word for it. I can testify that any yogi who tells me "I tried Bikram and hated it" didn't actually try Bikram. Like anything, trying is something you must do more than once. No decent opinion can be formed from a single test of something, yeah?

I am taking the friend to his Bikram class in the morning. I want to make sure he goes and to help further him along, I am forcing myself to get back in to the routine of waking up early and going to sleep early. It's tough but it's for a good "cause;" friendship through yoga evangelism. Hahaha.

I am grateful to have hit two meditation sessions today ... one in the morning, one at night.
I am grateful for the beautiful sunshine that bloomed this evening.
I am grateful for another dinner of sushi by another friend this evening.
I am grateful for the "random" spiritual insights that have been popping into my head today.
I am grateful to find confirmation of my spiritual and life path through numerology.
I am grateful to now have the funding to purchase the (cheap) materials to create my meditation pyramid.
I am grateful to be ready for bed "early" for once.
I am grateful for the positive hope and feeling of coming greatness that is about me tonight.
I am grateful to have woken up and driven a most enjoyable cold rain this morning.
I am grateful my big friend seems, thus far anyway, truly willing to want to complete his own 30-Day Bikram Challenge.

Tomorrow I am going to pick up the materials to build a portable meditation pyramid. Pretty simple stuff that I can hopefully gleam from Home Depot:
  •  8' bamboo dowel rods
  • Twine
  • 100% Copper sheet
  • Not from Home Depot: Quartz
I am even more to have stumbled across this cheaper, "safer" recommendation and cannot wait to try it out. I am certain that it will work quite well. What I want to study is what effect different angles show within the pyramid. I am also curious to know if they will truly show an exemplary, noticeable improvement upon my meditation practice. I want to go into this with no expectation but I just have a feeling that I will be blown away at how well they end up working.

Best of luck and happiness to all of you, my friends.

With metta and happiness bhavana,


Good luck with the pyramid.  I've worked on a yoga room for years and am still fine-tuning it. It's really important to have a special place, if you can.
over 3 years ago