90 minute meditation journal

25 March 2015 3:57 AM
"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." -Benjamin Franklin, Wanderer

It's odd. I am getting excited to be at the end of my "time" with Bikram but as I get excited, I am also sad because the students of it, at least the ones who approach me, are so genuine in their yoga practice. But what do I find out every time I talk to them? Bikram is not their solo practice. COME ON, GUYS! Where do you yoga that's free of the music and other nonsense so prominent in the yoga of the Detroit area? Haha.

As someone wishing to always be of service, I am going with my friend to the Bikram at 9am. There was a time when 9am was anything but early but, currently, I have been struggling to wake up and stay awake anytime before 11. I am not sure why but, I hope, waking up "early" to help a friend cultivate a yoga practice is a worthwhile endeavor. Best of all, I also get to go in to yoga so there is that too. Looks like tomorrow might be a day with a double practice and the first double practice that wasn't back-to-back. Meditative journey of a day to follow perhaps...?

I am grateful for the kind chit-chat shared with me by the instructor tonight.
I am grateful to get to share my meditative journey with a "new" friend again tonight.
I am grateful to have heard from my mum today.
I am grateful for a friend's reply (that I am just now discovering) to me regarding my "magnetic pull" experience ... and, although most would be alarmed, I am comforted to know that it matches exactly what my intuition inferred.
I am grateful that, although I "slept-in" until 4pm today, I am able to go to bed at a more reasonable time tonight.
I am grateful to have made another friend in the spiritual community.
I am grateful for the quite sushi date shared with me tonight.
I am grateful to see grandmum smile before I headed off to bed tonight.
I am grateful that, although technically homeless, I have warm shelter that I feel comfortable in and don't have to use my physical vehicle/body to obtain it.

Whatever happened was for the good
Whatever is happening is for the good
Whatever will happen will be for the good as well.
Do not regret your past! Do not worry about the future!
The present is happening now…

Change is the law of the Universe!