90 minute meditation journal

17 March 2015 1:24 PM
Happiness. Gratitude.

Simple. :)

I am grateful I slept well in my car last night.
I am grateful for the opportunity to be helped by such a kind man last night.
I am grateful for another night with grandma.
I am grateful to see the snow melting away.
I am grateful to get to see my kitties today.
I am grateful to be 2/3rds the way through my 60-day Bikram Yoga challenge.
I am grateful to still go so many places and always be approached by random, kind-hearted people.
I am grateful the Season of Rebirth is actually around the corner.
I am grateful for my increasing ability to further still my mind.
I am grateful grandmother appreciates me treating her like an adult instead of like a child as she says most people tend to treat old people.
I am grateful Verizon is still, even after a year of financial trouble, willing to work with me and keep my phone from being shut off.
I am grateful for the coming two, easy opportunities for quick funding this week.

Oh, how I cannot wait for the trees to bloom and the opportunity to sit in stillness under them, practicing the newfound methods and concepts I have learned of over the past few months.

I know that all life has consciousness and especially trees. Do you all know if trees sleep during the winter or how/when one can know when they're awake? ...or is it something likely to vary tree-to-tree and I'll just have to use my empathy to figure out...?

Namasté and metta bhavana to you all, my friends,

*bow* :)