90 minute meditation journal

13 March 2015 2:51 AM
I took the time using the equanimity gained through my moving meditation to say hello to my friends here on Opensit. It was a wondrous meditation tonight. Turns out that I must be doing something right as I was invited to a photo shoot this Saturday. A photo shoot that is open only to their long-time students but, apparently, I have accomplished something to enable me to be an exception. That makes me happy. It makes me feel part of a community that I am slowly realizing DOES exist in Detroit.

Once again, I am keeping it short. With that said, tonight is another night where a day of gratitude has been truly enjoyed:

I am grateful for the opportunities to receive funding to continue living as I transition from a material world and financial seeker to one who is dedicating himself to the seeking of the Universe and the service of my fellow spiritual seekers.
I am grateful for the wonderful lunch I enjoyed with a friend who I have not seen in years.
I am grateful that I could, for once, afford to treat someone to lunch AND give them a birthday card (my first card ever given ... ever ... always thought they were dumb but since other people find them enjoyable I am putting their desire ahead of my own confusion over greeting cards).
I am grateful said friend respected my continuing celibacy and did not attempt to sway me from it or try getting into my pants.
I am grateful to be invited to a photo shoot at the yoga shala.
I am grateful the sub for my class tonight was excellent ... I'm not sure how or what in particular I enjoyed about her class but it was grand and I will never forget it.
I am grateful for the inspiring posts my friends here on Opensit have been making.
I am grateful my grandmother has no intention on kicking me to the curb from her place just yet.
I am grateful the snow is melting ... and that means it won't be long before I can sit under a tree and meditate.
I am grateful that the Law of One (www.lawofone.info) is legally available for free online for all to read (I HIGHLY recommend that EVERYONE here on Opensit gives it a gander).
I am grateful to hear my mother came to visit the grandmother tonight and for the pleasantness she is exuding thanks to that. :)

And that is it for now.

Go forth and rejoice, my friends, for the love, the light, and the intelligence that is of the One Infinite Creator is in each and every one of you. All of you are love. All of you are light. All of you are intelligent. And ... all of you are the Creator. May you recognize the Creator in yourself and your fellow other-selves.

"I am always seeking, seeing and serving the Creator in all."


"I am opening my mind, my body, my spirit, my heart, my soul and my entire being to the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator."


I am grateful for your entries, which give me hope and make me happy.
The Muse
over 3 years ago