30 minute meditation journal

27 December 2011 12:00 AM
If the penetrative style of insight meditation is the seeing of emptiness, then equanimity is fully embodying it, and this seems to be the way for me to go at the moment. Coming at it from the suffering angle.
After gaining momentum with equanimity (being ok = dropping all dualistic attachment) kept just dropping everything, quitting. This always deepens things when kept up. Also occasionally injecting the emptiness reminders and everything-is-here reminder - if you're aware of it (tension, duality) it is here!
Truly vast, solid and consistent throughout. Went up through plenty of jhanas. Head-consciousness all twisted and outside and everywhere. Lots of head tension, nearly all ajna, some a bit higher and deeper in the skull. Also some alternating feelings of fear and bliss at the throat, that's new. More centrelessness.
Noticed over last few days more immediacy of sensate environment, and less distinction between sensations here and those out there. I am here in this world! Interior diminishing.
Emptiness pointers useful for removing those subtle conceptions or attitudes that sneak in right from the beginning of enquiry. 


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Daniel Bartlett
about 6 years ago