30 minute meditation journal

10 July 2018 11:00 AM
Lamrim Day Fifteen - Taking

This was an interesting sit, as I had a "realization" pop up out of nowhere.  Actually, it was more like my mind fitting a couple of pieces together that I'd already had, but it did so totally at random (I was thinking about taking on other people's suffering at the time).

The first piece involves my understanding of how our brains work at a very basic level (all of this is greatly informed by Ray Kurzweil's book How to Create a Mind). Our brains are composed of basic components (ie. regulate breathing, temperature, fight or flight response, etc.) hooked up to the neo-cortex (where we do our thinking). The neo-cortex is nothing more than a massively powerful pattern recognition engine that is always reprogramming itself based on input from our senses.

The second piece involves the Buddhist concept of suffering as the result of delusions.

My "realization" came to me somewhat like this: "If our minds are governed by a pattern recognition engine which has erroneous patterns encoded in it that result in suffering, this can be remedied by doing two things: 1. Identifying the delusion; 2. Discovering the incorrect or incomplete facts that were responsible for the delusion and replacing them with corrected and complete facts that will force my mind to abandon the delusion and fix the pattern."

The "realization" doesn't really give me anything new, but it does give me a better, more complete mental picture of my own mind while also greatly simplifying the basic steps involved in rooting out and fixing delusions.

So that was cool. :)