Retreat: Buddhahood without meditation, part II

13 June 2018 4:40 PM


The guided meditations connected with dismantling the self imposed limits in space had profound effect on me and gave rise to several insights into nature of reality itself.

  1. The unpleasant side effects reported in my journal during the past 6 months or so, are directly connected with not receiving ”full depth” of space (experience) all the way to infinity in some or all of the six directions.
  2. This way of partially shutting a slice of the limitless experience is yet another fine layer of the agent, but it get’s deeper than that. Even having concepts of directions (up, down etc), distance (near, far) or any kind of faintest sense of location in space are part of the same game of selfing. These discoveries revealed for me the sloppiness of my cutting through practice as well as the importance of it.
  3. When space of experience undresses itself of all constraints or boundaries, there is an added intensity, like jumping into a pool of water. When directions and the rest of the attributes are no gone, space is no longer space. Like staring at complete darkness, it gives no indication of it’s size, shape, directions or dimension, it could just as well be an illusory flat sparkling screen with zero depth, a malfunction of seeing process itself or a sci-fi portal beyond the ordinary three dimensions.
  4. When the bubble is burst and space is no longer space, experience of dharmakaya opens up.