100 minute meditation journal

01 January 2018 9:56 PM
Didn't quite intend to sit this long although it did feel like it was going to be a little bit different. Sparked I think by a chance comment from a sangha friend about having multiple Buddha statues each, I started this sit by, on impulse, gathering together the 3 Buddha figures that I have around my house, one of which was a recent Christmas present from my daughter (What do you buy your mum the monk who already has everything she needs for Christmas? Another Buddha! I'm joking it was a lovely, kind gift). So the three buddhas of varying shapes, sizes, colours and materials sat in front of my large Manjushri statue (which represents wisdom) and a picture of Compassion. Three buddhas seemed to need three tealights lighting. Bowing to and then sitting with these led to a really beautiful sit. I found myself sitting for the first time in ages with the koan that I am in theory working with and the recent resolution of the stuff that has been coming up seemingly randomly in sitting recently joined with it. By the end I was beaming and didn't want to stop. It was only when the last of the candles went out that it felt like time to stop for tonight.