30 minute meditation journal

01 January 2018 2:22 AM
First proper sit in a while. Have really missed it! I was worried I might feel sleepy but this was not a problem!  This has to be one of the most intense sits I have had, and I find it quite hard to describe.  I started doing my bows and knew at once that something was different. By the sixth bow I felt I was stripped of any defense and my heart bursting, flowing full of energy.  I tried to keep going but stopped at 16 because I was a little nervous . I sat with energy flowing through my body the whole time. It felt very powerful and very healing. I focused the energy in places where I felt emotional tension. Then it was in my right shoulder. I found if I centered on the spot of pain I entered it and something happened, unwound perhaps. I had also been using this soothing breathing exercise where I give a colour to the emotions I breathe out. This time I gave a colour to the energy as breathed it in; it felt golden like the candle light.
It continued after I went to bed and if anything was even more intense. It centered on my throat, where a lot of emotion gets stuck and I could actually feel my throat vibrating; not my vocal cords, but all the layers, skin, muscle; there was no sound. It felt completely weird and I would have felt scared if I had not already experienced a few energy things.