30 minute meditation journal

12 December 2017 5:07 AM
Morning sit.
An observation.
Yesterday was a "Monday" no heating in the factory when I arrived at 6.30 until around 9.00
Everything is metal the machines the work, its all freezing cold. My hands were white and numb. It didn't really warm up until midday. I arrived at the railway station at 3.00 to find trains delayed for an undetermined time due to the trackside fire. So wait for who knew how long or walk to Esher, 40 min walk, and catch the bus. I walked. On the bus I realised that I was still feeling happy. A year ago I would have been fuming at the trains, the world and everyone in my way and this would have lasted all night long. 
Meditation works in subtle ways that we don't realise until something happens to show us how much it changes our outlook on the world and life.