70 minute meditation journal

06 December 2017 8:38 PM
The usual Wednesday evening sitting but this time for about 8 of us it marked the start of our little local Rohatsu retreat. In my morning sit I'd been remembering my short time as a teacher and having felt like a failure. Partway through this sit I was suddenly hit by a memory of how much I had loved the children I taught, that they were still part of me, engrained in my memory along with that love.

During the night I hardly slept and every time I did I woke with another child in my head, remembering how lovely they were and moments of my time with them. I was always closest to the children with difficulties in their lives or who struggled in the classroom. Seeing my work with them in  different, more positive light. Part way through the night my teaching time switched in my head from a time of darkness and failure to a time of love that brought with it some hard times but wasn't limited to that or confined to those moments.


10 months ago