Day 12

07 December 2017 2:12 PM

When I think back to that period in my life, I know can see objectively that my emotions sometimes get the best of me. Controlling my nerve impulses and being patient with myself have helped me realize how i can be responsive in the future instead of impulsive emotional reactions. Where I struggled with staying calm, I know see put out the fires I used to start. I have shown progress in many areas of my life and should feel confident because of where I am now. I have accomplished goals, worked harder than I ever had. Realized my potential. Why was i so confused, because i was unaware of myself. When i found meditation and found how to allow myself to think and realize and become more aware. I am able to exercise my mind and my will which shows me how strong I can think and feel. I enjoy and am thankful for the lessons I have learned, i have not lost or been defeated, i just continue to overcome or learn. Patience and Trust are what will continue to help me on my journey.