06 December 2017 12:00 AM

I seem to have a story, going, the line starts here -- this man, a gentle man, quiet, authoritative, let's this woman out of the jail, who was holding onto this object, a piece of art/crafts work from falling - a Japanese house and attachment, pagoda, and cart (wooden wagon, farm vehicle?) or it is a farm animal. Anyway, he lets the woman out of jail, she comes out - there is another man with her, smaller, a helper - and says to this larger man that he's the one who saved the object, "I shouldn't take the credit". Later on, there's a bit of story-line about seven "aliens" who slipped through the crack and ended up taking the lives/identities of humans - but died as these humans, and in counting the gravestones realizing that one is missing, so that one survive, and the person who discovered that hoped that this last woman was benevolent and that she hooked up with that man. I mentioned that because the man was the one in the first episode. All this seems to have taken place "out West".  

And again I go, "Huh?"  


A gray sky, again the sense of blue, but light gray, a bit of dark shade here and there, that's the point of a gray sky, clouds, people always go oh how depressing, but if you look at the gray REALLY look you'll see variations in the coloring, and different textures, gray is a disguise a cloak to wear, something to hide in, if you look at gray like that, it becomes peaceful, and a sense of relief, everyone needs to hide now and then, don't you think,

here's the red flower, blooming, I see a yellow flower as well, they are like carnations, again the sense of texture, a carnation is something you want to nibble on, hmm, ice cream anyone, pine trees tall and proud, although there are a few twisted older fellows in the crowd, being supported by the younger ones, respect your elders, they've been where you are, and they've gone where you are headed, pays to listen, don't you think,

Birds in the sky, a hawk soaring, smaller birds fluttering out of reach ducking within the woodwork, conceal, hide

the sand on the beach is almost white, don't you want to lay down here, or at least sit, with your knees up, your chin resting on your knees, contemplate the water coming in, the foam on the surface, cascading currents,

I see a sandpiper near me, moving quickly up the beach,

Seagulls soaring over the waves,

Sunrise, dawn…