65 minute meditation journal

06 December 2017 8:24 AM
Longer than usual morning sit. The same gentle allowing. At time a couple of words popping into my mind which seemed in this really relaxed and accepting state of mind to allow honest answers about some of my assumptions and beliefs - mainly old ones but with some lingering consequences. "This feels like..." "What I really feel is.." etc Lots of tensions coming and going, especially from deep in one side. At the end I could feel like there was one more bit there and deliberately relaxed into in, it felt a bit like easing out the root of a rotten tooth. There has been a lot of old emotional clearing out and acceptance to be done in recent days, seeing the contradictions between the way I felt in the past and the way other people saw me. Also seeing how common this is, that we all can have at times a very different take on ourselves than the message we give to the world.

I'm doing a little local min-retreat for the next couple of days and then have family visiting so I might not get to post again until next week. Wishing you well on and off the cushion in the meantime


Enjoy your retreat and family time :)
Paul V
11 months ago
Thanks Paul - I enjoyed both!
Kokai (Sarah)
11 months ago