65 minute meditation journal

04 December 2017 11:00 PM
Much of this was lying down as I was a bit woosy and unbalanced as my balance problems are worsened by a lack of sleep like I've had recently. I knew this was needed when I could only manage 3 very slow bows punctuated by intense pauses. I then found myself reciting the Verse of Atonement in my head which recently had been a sign that there is something I feel I need to forgive myself for, especially when it feels particularly heartfelt like today. Tonight's sit included a range of things that I forgive myself for, all relating to the period of adulthood that I've been reliving at night times. It also included relaxing into a range of sensations arising, with each one it started feeling hard, painful and knotty but being with each of them I found a smile appearing and often a contented sigh. Extended the sit because more time felt needed.


i hope you manage to sleep tonight! forgiveness is a beautiful thing...
11 months ago