04 December 2017 9:07 AM
A few years I began long distance running, after going through a leg injury and coming back healthy, i have been able to build up my tolerance where I have now completed a 2 half marathons and run 20-30 miles a week. When I began long distance running, i had a difficult time with envisioning that i was capable of doing a longer run. I started a day-to-day training guide and began working towards my goal. Within 12 weeks i finished my first half marathon and built up the endurance for running the 10-12 miles that i now do once a week. One thing I sometimes struggle with is maintaining my focus for long periods of time. With meditation, exercise and being patient with myself, I have been able to reduce my stress levels with situations that last longer periods of time and stay present as well. Most recently, in large groups of people, I have been able to relax and have intelligent conversations with others as well as maintain a calm composure. Remembering where I was without meditation and inner trust shows me that continually applying theses routines to my everyday life has made a difference and how valuable patience can be. I have began managing my stress in a healthy way and look forward to the future of growing in my practice.